Sunday, April 23, 2006

Behind the black activity

Equipment : Crayon ( thick crayon better ), drawing paper , sharpened chopstick
Here is the instructions to make this activity :
1 Picture 1 ( top left ), divide the white paper in 3 collums.
2 Color each collum with 3 differnt colors ( bright collors better )
3. Then color all the pages with black, it must cover all over page
4. Write using chopstick or sharpened wood or something sharp.
5. The sample ( it says : " Jesus alive, believe it "

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Nice..! So the activity went well yah :D The message of the activity itself, as described in your previous post, is very nice.

I'd like to have myself involve in Sunday School also. But at the moment, I chose to serve in the Church Choir first. Maybe later.. :)
u should try it
u can try it outside sunday school for your brother or nephew
g'luck with the choir
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