Saturday, May 06, 2006

Got To go!

Dear all visitors
thanks for still visiting my blog on this beautiful ( i hope ) sunday/saturday. But now I must say sorry because I must do something more priority. I must prepare for sunday school and for kids camp meeting. Please pray for me, since there is a problem, im trying to fix it but still dont get clear of it.

Today i have made the kids camp flyer. The flyer isnt for kids but for teacher, we need more teachers for supporting this camp. Im a little bit sad when I heard only few wants to join. Hope God will be with everything I do and more people will open they heart to join this mission.

Well have a happy day ( in blog world and in your world )

Remember you have your own life outside internet!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Recharging the Battery

I dont know if I write this for myself or for others. At this time I feel so tired body and soul. And I've got some tips from others too. Well I think I can relate this post previous post about "things you shouldn't forget ( as a Hero ) ". There is a point about energy and it says not to overuse our energy. But there is a time when you didnt notice about your energy meter, and at night or even before sunset you feel so tired. It can be physically tired or psychologically.

At this condition we need to recharge before get sick or stress or frustration.

1. Its time to leave the court
When a basketball player got stamina decreased then his coach will substitute him with another player. We can do this thing to, just leave it all, the works, the ministries, and even dont think about it for awhile. Remember only for awhile, and dont be afraid. Leaving the court doesnt mean that you will leave it forever in your life.

2. Eating and Drinking
This is a simple answer I guess. Eating and drinking can boost your physical energy. And I prefer to eat favorite food or drink , when you do this you will feel better psychologically. But remember not to eat or drink excessively or you will get obes ( overweight ). Ice cream also have positive effect, and chocolate can make positive feelings too ( when you eat chocolate, the feelings is like you're in love, thats why chocolate very popular at valentine, I dont know the truth about this ).

3. Doing hobby
Doing hobby can make u happier. But you must remember the time too, dont waste to much energy and time. Hobby that taking to much energy will decrease your energy meter. So, do it wisely.

4. Sleep
This is the most important thing. Sleep well about 6-8 hours is the best way to recharge your energy. Because our body is totally resting, and our brain can lower its activity. Nap also good for refreshing. Remember to make your sleeping time as comfort as possible. When this "golden time " ruined it will ruined your whole next day too. I have experienced this, when the electricity down, then mosquitos come to bite me, and I cant sleep well which causing I feel unwell on the next day.

5. Pray
Have a silent time and think of God. I will always get some spiritual recharge when doing this. I know that God will never leave me on whatever happened. As the soul get recharged then I can sleep well and get up with positive feelings.

Have a good rest friend!

Little Rock and bigger Rock

Well im a little bit tired today. Sorry that i haven't write about the "power" since I'm got low power right now. There is some little problem in the kids camp project. And Im trying to fix it now. Well hope God with us. I know that we can just depend on human.

Im still have spirit for this race, its just begun and a little rock wont stopped us.
Im afraid writing about From Zero to Hero in this condition will lower its quality. But I have added the Archetype II. Hope it can helps you in socializing.

If you find a rock in your way, you can just jump over it or kick it. But when you meet a bigger rock or some bigger rock, you need friend to get rid the rock. The more big the rock the more hard to get over it, but with God, I believe that He can take every little and big rock in our life.

Lets Get over the rock!
Lets Kick the rock!
Just dump away the rock!

Archetype II

As there are so many archetype in this world of human, im trying to continue my last post about archetype. I have read it from wikipedia and I think the explaination there are not far from mine. Doesnt mean that mine is level with Wiki.
Wiki says that " archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas and may be used to interpret observations "

Here are some more archetype :

4. Sidekick
Easier to be explain when i said Batman and Robin. Robin is the sidekick role here. He isnt the star here, but he will help the main role to get the mission accomplished. Often we positioned ourself as "robin", just want to help others but dont want to dominate. It is not bad to become just a secondman (woman). But after some sidekicking job, there is usually a time when we will got the main role. Sidekicks are very loyal person.
Example : Robin , Patrick Star ( Spongebob's friend ), Millhouse ( Bart's friend ), Hanoman ( from Ramayana Legend ), Guan Yu and Zhang Fei ( China ). In history, often the sidekicks didnt get they name written, we know Hitler but dont know his secondman ( woman ).

5 Princess
I think I dont write this objectively ( I've just got this idea when seeing two very beautiufull ladies sitting near me ). In almost every mythology, history or legend , the role princess will included there. Usually she is beautifull ( physically ), kindhearted and everybody likes her. And she has also charisma but not higher than Leader. Kind of person that make others compete to win her heart. Remember the story about Helen of Troy? some called this role as Diva.

Example : Lady Diana, Helen of Troy, Shinta ( from Ramayana Legend )

6. Entertainer ( Clown )
A funny role I think. People in this type is happy to entertain people, even they must make fool for themself. They can melt the icing situation. And usually can become a good opening for negotiation, but not for the process , as they are never get serious. They dont like fighting and just want to make everybody happy. Hard to become a big person but will easy to get into every people heart.

Example : Comedian, i dont know if any of their name written in history ( i mean this kind of people that life in history, there must be any of them , but I dont know who's Hitler clownie friend, or King Arthur's entertainer. Im sure there are people's like these on your life...

and this post will be continued to
Archetype III I will write about the "dark role"

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just a Human

Yesterday night, my friend almost make me angry. I feel so upset of what's been done by her. I dont know if im right or wrong. But thanks to God that im not angry ( in front of her or others ). I still can cooldown myself and thinking many factors that make her did it.

I can imagine if I get angry and blast it all to the people doing wrong thing ( from my perspective ), maybe all of the effort i've been build will also ruin. So watch out of your emotion. Blast it and you get the negative effect too. As a human it is our right to get angry or upset or get badmood, but you must think, is it has benefit for you ? or just make things get worsen.

Self control is easy to say but hard to do. It is like there is a delicious pizza in front of you but you dont have permit to eat it.

Well in next tips and tricks I think I will write about controlling tempation to fight or to get angry. Honestly im still feeling unwell, but let the past be the past.

Got Reviewed

I've just got the blog been reviewed by
and i thanks for all of you that visit my blog and make this happened.
i will try as hard as possible to keep improving this blog.

this is a bit what the asianbiz write about my blog :
Wednesday, May 03, 2006 Blogs From Asia: The fun Sunday School blog
This review has been done by S M Mehdi Hassan

The school is a blog for teachers especially, for those who are teaching nursery or playgroup children. Written by a teacher who teaches in a school at Jakarta in Indonesia, the blog talks about communicating with the children in the class, school etiquette and various other important issues for teaching children......

you can read it completely on

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From Zero to a Hero part III

Once upon a time, I went to Sunday School with happy face. I enter the class as usual, greet the kids and my partner. Then we are singing happily. After that, its my turn to tell story to the kids. I've just started to talk some words when the kids buzzing each other. I continue my story, but I saw some kids are day dreaming.

What happened to me on that day can happened to all of us too. We can't get any attention, the kids buzzing, playing or day dreaming in class. Even they have know you ( as their teacher or maybe as a friendly teacher ) its not enough to draw their attention.

There is some factor to explain this :
1 You're not ready for the "show"
When you are not ready , i mean ready in your spirit to teach, then you dont have the power to teach. You're just like robot or computer doing program, you dont have the spirit. I dont know if it is a myth or what, as I heard from old teacher , kids can "smell" our readiness to teach. But when you've got your power they will put attention on you and what you taught.

2. The athmosphere is too cold or too hot.
I mean the class athmosphere. Too cold mean that the class is still dont get ready to study, the kids still sleepy. Or the relationship between students and teacher isn't friendly. Too hot mean that the class is overexcited. It is good if the students got very happy or excited but it also can make the loose their concentration. Example , you hit them by a jokes, then they are laughing happily, but they still talks about that jokes when you're go to more serious topic.

3. External problem
Light out, broken air conditioner, sounds from outside of classroom, etc. Even seems like an untouchtable problem, but we can handle this.

What to do is called " Juggling the Ball ". Some soccer player have this ability, they are trying to control the ball with all their body parts ( exept hands ), the ball must not hit the ground. They create a beautifull show by this skill. This is what we will do, we must try to control the class as hard as possible. These is what I suggest :

1. Prepare Yourself
Prepare yourself for the class. Physically and also your spirit. You must know what to do in class, do not depend on your instinct or reflexes. Make a program guideline, example the first 15 minutes is greeting, then games ( 15 minutes ), singing ( 10 minutes ), story/study ( 20 minutes ), etc. Pray and build your self confidence. My friend told me a good tips : " When you're entering the building , forget about all the personal problem that you have and concentrate on what will you do in the building " ( the building here means sunday school building ).

2. Playing the Gear
Driving too fast is dangerous, driving to slow will make you bored. Same with the class, start to make it hot with some greetings momment , singing, games. But remember, when the study or story time will begun, you must slowly bring the class into a bit serious athmosphere. Example : when I teach the sunday school ,we begin with greeting each other , then singing . Before the story time ( or the main course ), I invite the students to pray for the story or singing a worship song ( song with slow tempo ).

3 Wild ball
In juggling ball, sometimes the ball seem out of control. But creativity will handle this. Some says it depends on your experience. Out of control condition can be handle by our creativity and of course by the power too ( even a crash sound happened, the children still concentrating on what you said ). Example about creativity : There is a time when my friend told story about missionary, then the electricity is down. At that time the students begun loose concentration, but my friend can get them again by saying " yes this is what happened at that time, he must live in situation like this to accomplished his mission. Live in poverty, without electricity ".

I think this seem not enough to explain about getting attention. And will continue this , especially on the term power. I dont mean mystical power.

When you are not the "hero"

This is not a tips, but only a thought of mine. Behind the heroic things I wrote, honestly often I dont feel becoming a "hero" because somebody has taken that role. When I'm not the one who can help, when I'm not the one who save the day, when I'm not the one being there, etc.

Deep in my heart or maybe your heart too, there is a bit jealous seeing other become a "hero", even he/she didnt mean to do that or doing that because of their kind hearted ( not to get praise ). There is also a time when everybody talk about the other person and just forget your part, or even they don't feel that you are being there also. It will get worse when you do the things and other get credit.

Well I know i wont feeling well having that experienced. But I must realize that everything other do or I'm do is for the benefit of other people ( ministry or society ).

A little things that maybe not count as heroic things by other can be heroic for us. Even dont got a big name, one of my friend is happy when he can make the children smile and learn with happy face. I'm also give credit to myself when I can do little things for kids, even it is only helping a boy to wear his shoes.

Well I cant become the "hero" but I can become "Hero"

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


What's this word mean?
well this is word that used by Carl Jung to defined personality. According to his theory all human in the world has the same general conscious. We can see it on all myth and legend in the world there must be same role appear. Role as a King, Hero, Princess, Wiseman, Mother, etc. There is Merlin ( in West Culture ) and there is also Zhuge Liang ( advisor from China, East ).

In our real life there is also archetype in each role

Leader :
Person who can lead others. He can make sure that other people will follow him/her. Primus Interpares, a human that lead or congquer others. Example : Napoleon, his body is small but he can lead big army also Hitler, he is not a big man.

Wise Man
Usually is an old man ( there is saying, the more old the more wise you are ). He likes to help other but live as a low profile person ( so its a bit hard to search for this people ). Also they dont like to directly face to face with problem, they prefer to give advice. Example : Zhuge Liang, from China, he is a wise and smart man. But he live in mountain and dont want to take part directly in war.

A person who appear when needed. Can lead others but only for a while. Dare to fight directly against problem. Prefer to work in small group or even alone. Example : Hercules, Three Musketeer. They work in small group or alone against enemy. Joan of Arc also a hero, she can lead army but can't or not the type to lead country.

I will continue this on later post
my friend coming now, and I must go!

Knowing the role will help you adjust yourself in your environtment.

Things you shouldn't forget ( as a Hero )

It will be good if you can be a Hero. But there is some other things you should remember. That actually we are not a real superhero ( I mean like a comic hero with super skills ). We are still a human and live in human world ( earth ). So , we should remember these :

1. Family / other community

As a Hero, often we are too enjoying our "heroic" job, and this made us forget our family. We forgot that they need our time too. You can be a Hero in one community and also can be a Foe in other community , dont let this happened. Try as hard as possible to balance our time with them. For example, in Sunday, I must be at Sunday School a whole day since 8 in the morning until 18.00. But in Saturday, I share my time only for my family and if there is Sunday School things I should do, I will do it as fast as possible.

2. Energy

Reading the first paragrah, I have mentioned about human. Yes, indeed we are still a normal human, not a super human. So, we must realize that we also have limited energy. Remember not to overuse your energy. It happen often, after doing our jobs ( which we try our best ) we got sick. This is not good, and not effective if after doing "heroic" things, then you got sick for a month. Yes , I know that there is term sacrifice in the firt part of From Zero to a Hero, but do it without thinking will just waste it.

Example :
When you and your friend preparing for Christmas. You do all the things by yourself, then you've got sick for a month. Your friend must take care of you and the job that you left behind.

3. Pray
This is the most important things. Remember that in everything we do we need God. Sometimes when our mission is accomplished well, we claim it by our own success, we forget about our team and God.

4. Learn
Don't get to much satisfied if you get success. We should evaluate and learn more. Don't just stuck in our first success, things change quickly and we must anticipate this by learning those things. Be a Hero not a Legend! I'm also still learning more about Hero, becoming Hero, and also I'm still learn to write in better English.

From Zero to a Hero part II

I want to share some tips about communicating with children. As a grown up, sometimes its a little bit hard to " connect " with them since adult and children have different developmental stage. But as an adult or grown up people we have feel to life as kids or child , so if we can positioned ourself a bit "lower" it will be easier to communicate with them.

1. Body Position

When you talk with kids with lower height than you, you must bow down your body and look at his/her face. Better if you crouch or sit down to listen to them, so their neck not to tired to look up. If you pretend to stand and only looking down, it will be not good, besides they will be tired to look up, also they will think you didnt respect them.

Do not cross your hand ( in front of chest ) or hand on hips. As I read in body language book, it means you are defensive ( dont want to be friendly ) or angry. This is not good to create relationship.

2. Give reaction

When you are listening, make sure that you give reaction. Do not just looking or it will be worse if you listen and doing another job. The reaction can be with gestures, like nod your head, or smile. Or you can just make simple noise like "ehm" "yes" "ok". Or you can repeat their story, meaning that you listen to them. If they talk about going to zoo, you can repeat with "so, you are going to zoo ".

3 Dont interupt

Dont interupt when they talks. Or if you want to interuppted you must say sorry with reason. Example when you must explaining something, then a kids want to talk, you can say "sorry I must explain the lesson, but i promise to talk to you after this ( or after the class we can talk ) ".

4 Kid's Topic

If you want to start a conversation with kids or child. Use a topic that also known by them, or popular kid's topic. Don't talk about what you like, if you like rugby or fashion, then they dont know it, so dont talk about these one. Its easy to broaden your knowledge about this, you don't have to see kids channel on TV everyday, but you can just see the program clip or advertising. I dont know about Digimon or Sponge Bob, but I know it from the clips on TV or from TV program on newspaper.

And asking them about this is good. You can ask " what games played by kids on your school " " how to play it "

5. Respect

This is the most important. You must respect them as a same human, not as a small funny creature or even a pet. Dont talk dirty because they have same brain that can process that someday. When you can talk about light conversation with them, it is a good way that someday they will talk about hard problem with you ( about their family problem or school problem ).

Monday, May 01, 2006

What is a Hero?

When I share some tips to become a hero, I havent defined the meaning of a Hero. According to me a Hero is :

1. A person who came when needed.
Whatever happened he/she will try to come and help. Whether there is hard rain or snow, whether sick or not a Hero will ( must ) come.........

2 Sacrifice
This term related to the point 1. A Hero often make sacrifice for helping others or in doing his job. Sometime a Hero must sacrifice his pleasure time, resting time, or sleeping time to do a " Heroic " things.

3. People's Champion ( Optional )
A Hero will be in every people's heart. Therefore a Hero shouldn't help people by only same religion, nation or skin color.

4. Not a Bounty Hunter
Contradictory to point 3. A Bounty Hunter hoping for reward after doing job. But Hero don't, as you become a Hero, sometimes people forget about your helpfull hand. Or they just don't know your "heroic" work to help them. But that's ok, we are not a Bounty Hunter. Keep that in mind.

There is some hard things to do to become a Hero
need training
need sacrifice
need commitment
and of course need God's help

Sunday, April 30, 2006

From Zero to a Hero part I

Hello there!
This is a tips and tricks for a new comer in sunday school or school. When you arrived as a rookie, maybe there is only a little bit people know you. Also the kids do not know you. And if you prolong a condition like this, you will perfectly stuck as an unknown entity there.

How to start a good openings ( in chess game the starting game is called openings game ) is depend on your will to socialize yourself.

Here is some tips from my experience and others fellow friends :

1. Do not come late !
whether you're not paid in teaching sunday school, please dont come late. Coming will give a bad sample for kids and they will looked negatively if you do this often, and also your partner wont like this.
There is some benefit if you come early, minimum 30 minutes before the class started ( one hour will be better ). First, you can make a small chat with kids that come earlier, you can ask small things like their address, school, age, and others. This is more effective than a formal introductory. And also you can have small talks and greet your fellow friends.

Second, you can prepare well before the class, and checked if everything is alright. So you can minimize a surprise shoot.

2. Wear name tag
You could wear a name tag even if its not a must in your sunday school. Wearing a handmade name tag would be good. Bright color and unique shape will attract kids to know you or asking about your name or the shape there. It will be a good start to make friend with kids.

3. Helpfull hands
Be a helpfull person is a good idea. Help your fellow friend if they need it, also you can ask if they need some help. But remember, do not help if you can't do it well, or you will create a worse situation. You can also helps the kids outside classroom, you can take care a crying kid or help if one of them fall down in playing ground ( do it quick ). Or in the situation you dont know what to do ( kids get hurt or bleeding ), you can fastly react to call other teacher.

4 Be Generous ( optional )
This is an optional idea. You could bring cookie or candy for kids or for your friend. Will be better if you make some simple things for others, maybe a bookmark with simple decorative. One of my friend sometimes give some used kids magazine to students. Simple is better than expensive one.

5. Leave the building late
This is the reverse of the number 1. Dont leave the building quickly, spare some 30 minutes to one hour to stay there. You can make a chat with kids that wait for their parent. Also you can share experience with other, you can talk about your problem in your class or just sharing a good moment you feel at class. Attending a program outside class also good, maybe a sports program with others teacher or praying community.

I think 5 of these is enough. You could try it or can add some if you like

Who is the ( real ) idol ?

This is the poster of kids camp
I made it yesterday. The sentence on poster is " Is this your idol ? " - prepare for kids camp 13-15 July.

The poster is made from yellow paper, then I search for picture of sportstar or artist on newspaper and magazine. I placed the pictures all over the paper. If you look at it carefully, you can find Michael Schumacher , Norah Jones, Friends, Angelina Jolie, Taufik Hidayat, Ronaldinho, Jennifer Anniston, Jacky Chan, etc.

So who is the real Idol ?
Hope you have the same answer with me...

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