Friday, April 21, 2006

Behind the dark

This is the name of tomorrow sunday school activities for children.
They will be given white paper, then they must made 3 blocks of color in that paper. After that the colors will be sweep over with dark color ( black ).

Now there will be only black color on that paper. The kids will be intructed to scratch the black color with chopstick or scissors, the scratch must form written : Jesus is Alive. The color behind black color will appear on that scratch.

Hope the plan will going on well, i'm afraid the color will blend and the other color won't appear. But yesterday my friend has tried it at it works. I will make some photos , so you will know about the activities.

By the way what is the message of this activity? The message is, there is always hope behind the unseen if we want to believe. Many people don't believe the resurrection of Jesus although they have seen it ( the soldier that guard Jesus tomb ).

God bless you All!


Tonight Me and some of my fellow teacher friends come to sunday school building. We are a part of utility and equipment departement in sunday school. We come to prepare equipment ( boardmarker, glue, color pencils, pencil, double tape, etc ) that will be given to all classes. Not a hard job but needs patient. We recycle all the color pencils ( that mixed , not in the box again ), all is being sharpened again, one by one , its about 200 color pencils.

After preparing all the equipment, then we divide its for each classes. We tried by our best to divide it in a good way, so it will be justice for all.... ( I hope )

We're not forget to clean up the equipment and utility room before coming home.

Well the activity for sunday school its not one a week, it can be 7 days a week. Not just preparing physical equipment but also preparing our heart to teach. Try not to do bad things...

im a bit sleepy.....

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kartini Day

every 21 th of April, there is celebration of Kartini day on my country.
Who is Kartini?
she is a former of woman movement in Indonesia. Her writings is about the same level position for woman and man. Thanks to her for making such improvement.

In sunday school mostly the teacher is woman and they made a very good effort. The insufficient of help from man isnt a big problem. The teachers can work each other well, including the physical work as setting up some hardware things on many celebration ( Christmas, easter, children day, etc ).

Besides as sunday school teacher they also work in many occupation from trader , teacher until manager on some company. And im sure that they will make improvement and good thinks on their job.

Happy Kartini day!

Internal training

Internal training is one of routine activity in white wood sunday school. After some teacher sent to a training, then they must share their knowledge to friends who didn't attend the training. Hope there will be transfer of knowledge from them.

Unfortunately, not every teacher likes to attend the internal training. Whether they have another plan on that time or just don't want to attend. Besides judging other, i seen myself as a teacher that don't like internal training but i don't want to waste chance to learn. I don't really like internal training because i can't go home in normal time, and must stay in the building for about 2 hours more.

The chance to learn about sunday school skills dont come every week. And there is also some sunday school hoping to attend training but they can't ( because dont have funds or they are in remote area ). Grace come for every people, but not every people wants to accept that Grace.

Good night!


For some people its surprisingly to know that i work as a chess teacher. Yes, chess, games with some unique pieces, king, queen, bishop, rook, knight and pawn. I teach chess from kindergarten class until junior high school.

Chess can be related to our life. One simple example is in ministry, like in chess, there are different people in ministry. Some with easy going temperament, some with serious grunting temprament, or maybe there is the one with tantrum. Besides the flaw that each people has, there is also different talent.

Queen as the strongest pieces can't fight alone, there must be support from other pieces including the tiny little pawn. As in ministry too, one person with gifted and talented skills cant build the ministry alone. We must work together to reach the aim, to win the game in our life, to finish well in competition, to complete our ministry.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who needs God?

at first im planning to write about preparation for sunday school at sunday ( absolutely )
but when i arrived home after sunday school prepartion, there is an interesting movie on TV. Its the " turbulence heavy metal " ( hope its right title )
the story is about a group of band with Slade Craven as the leader that make a show on a flight. Slade likely to make fake murder, so he can raise the number of fans ( on internet online ). The fans on the flight also like him and all criminal things he said. Unfortunately there are few real criminals people ( satanist ) who join the flight. And the real criminal hijack the plane, and kills some people.

The fans that enjoyed violence become very frightened, some says "Oh my God ".
there is a good scene, when Slade can freeing himself from hijacker, he must land the plane by himself. He looks very afraid, on his anxiety, he then cut away his neclace ( with reverse cross symbol ), then he pray " God please land us safely "

Well human will realize that they need God....
Realize before you get realized

Good night!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

fantasy world

many of my friend says that becoming a sunday school teacher is just facing a fantasy world. A world with child laughter, good fellow teacher friend, singing along together...and another good things.

The fact is, there is also hard things to face by being a teacher, we must know each of our kids. We must help them through their problem, pray for them.

I have experience facing kids fight ( boys ). Yes i can stopped them fighting physically, but hard to make them say sorry each other and forget the fighting. And their parent could blame us as a teacher if this things happened.

Miscommunication with other teacher can be happened, and can makes us angry or sad.

Well, there is always a cross in each job, whether in church or in the world.


seeing kids at sunday, i saw my childhood.
nothing to think about work, money, family , study, etc
just thinking about playing, friend, ice cream, toys, and other nice think ( that kid thinks )

They are easy to get happy, they will laugh seeing puppet, or seeing our style while singing.
They didnt see the puppet or singing style as a ridiculous or silly think, but its seen as funny think that make them happy.

The puppet is simple think, made by hard paper, and drawn as a simple character, then stick it on a wood, but it make them happy.

i think i can learn from them, learn to know that many simple think can brighten our lives....
learn to appreciate trees, animals, sky, cloud, wind, water, sun, and others things that we dont notice.

why i write in blog

There is a reason about made this blog
Maybe some people thought i make this to get money
There is 10 percent right about this ( i will be very thankfull if it happen )
the main idea about this blog is to share idea and sunday school experience to everybody
that everybody will feel the athmosphere, not just thinking that this is a religious place.
this is a fun and warm place.

The most important is to motivate people to become sunday school teacher ( although motivation real come from self , pray and God )

Well thats my dream
everybody can have dream.right?
and i'm trying to make it come true through this blog
God Bless you all!

Monday, April 17, 2006

More Beyond

Thats what i heard yesterday at church
After Easter celebration, many of us tired and want to sleep a little bit more ( I am )
and many of us still happy with easter memory, with the celebration and etc. And also many of us get the meaning of Easter, about our savior that won from death.

But there is more, and more beyond the Easter. There is many things we should do...
We must bring the light of Christ to others, Easter not stopped on April.....

We can thought of many idea and meanings
but there must be actions to do

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