Thursday, August 03, 2006

Win but Lost

In our relationships with other, we can play many roles such as play as a nice guy or bad guy. And in relationship with other teacher or kids we can be friend or foe for them. Don't just look from our point of view that he/she is our friend or our foe. But see it from their eyes, do we friendly with them or not.

Its easy to make foe with others. From a small debates, than just create always want to win emotion, and turned down everybody. Although we are in the right side, but doing this will just make so many foe for us. They can think that, ok you're right this time but we dont like your style or attitude. Many simple action can make foe with other.

To make friend with other, we need to know how to act low profile and kind hearted. Always try to be polite whether you're so angry or sad. If you have some debates , dont try to win it at that time, just make it fair. Then if you're not satisfied you can talk it personally with your "opponent". Choose a friendly situation to talk this serious thing.

I dont mean to play double agent or double face people, what I mean is how to keep good relationship with other along with some different concept each other held. If we can can maintain this relationship , and prevent " always want to win attitude ", maybe we can prevent many conflict that could happened.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Power of Newsletter

Hi there!
remember me?
this is me again, back in town!
I think there is not much time to explain about my absence in the blogging world.

Let start to talk about newsletter. I think everybody can make it, its easy and dont need much money. Usually I makes it with microsoft office publisher. It have many templates. But the most important is like a blog, the content. I use newsletter to promote about the kids camp last month, and I think it helps to gain participants.

The content musnt be to straight, use some easy going words, then in the middle or end of newsletter just write a bit about the program we want to promote. So kids wont notice the aim of the newsletter when first read it. If you write about bible verse, or just stick with the program, I think, kids wont like it. The newsletter will just become like a letter for parents.

Add some pictures will be interesting too. At my newsletter, I add some world cup stars picture such as David Beckham.

Anyway nice to see you again!

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