Saturday, May 27, 2006

Earthquake in Java ( Indonesia ) : Crying victim

Hospital in Jogjakarta full of earthquake victims, picture is victim in Sardjito Hospital.

Citizens prefer to sleep outside their house ( in Bantul and Jogjakarta ), they are still trauma with the Earthquake, and afraid of coming soon Earthquake. And many others stay around Jogja Sultan's Palace. They believe that the Palace will give them more protection. They also believe that Sultan has magical power and can protect people ( there is many magical stuff inside Sultan's Palace, i know it when touring there some years ago ). Jogjakarta, historically is a safe against earthquake, but today it comes to Jogja and chrushed everything there.

One good thing is, the nuclear reactor in Jogja is still safe.

Earthquake in Java ( Indonesia ) : some photos

Left Pic : Destroyed house at Jl. Solo
Right Pic : Destroyed hous near Gembira Loka Zoo.

Earthquake in Java ( Indonesia ) : President instruct to supplies logistic fast!

Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ), instructed people's wealth department to act quickly to help earthquake victim in middle Java. President arrived at Bantul ( the most damaged area near Jogjakarta ) saturday night ( this night ). President gives 4 instruction :
- The most important is to help the life victim
- Controlling the situation
- Do fast emergency help
- Do rehabiliation and reconstruction

President will be moving to Jogjakarta to control situation in Mid Java for days forward. The logistics is still enough for the victim and many shops still open there.

Earthquake in Java

Hi there, a friend ask me whether I've got the earthquake or not. Well thanks to God, Im ok here. Me and my family are in Jakarta, and we're ok. Earthquake happened at Middle of Java, in Jogjakarta city and the rural areas around it. From the recent news, the victims are 2998 peoples. Earthquake happened three times this morning at that place, the strength of the earthquake is around 5.7 Richter. The cause of earthquake is some movement of earth piece in South Hindia Sea

President has gone there to see the victims, also make some coordination there.

Hope God always be with my country...

photo taken from internet

Friday, May 26, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Lets Drawing , Butterfly

Hi there!
This is the second drawing tips. Butterfly is a beautifull animal and kids will like it, because butterfly dont bite anyone. And also it has nice color. You can use this step by step tips to create butterfly picture with students or your children. I know that this will be very easy for yourself, but not for kids. Don't just give them the complete butterfly picture to copy, but show them how to create it step by step. The hardest part is creating the wings, its like making number 3. But its also the best part to color.

Here is my step by step :
1. Create the base body
2. Give lines in it
3. Create the right wing first, its like making number 3
4. Create the left wing, if you can create the right, the left one would be easier.
5. Gives eyes, you can insert emotion ( read my previous post )
6. Create the antenne
7. Decorate the wings you can draw circles or anything there

I draw happy butterfly here. You can make variation for Sunday School or kids activities by creating big butterfly then kids can color it with mosaic stlye ( by sticking small piece of color paper to its wings )

Hope this can be usefull

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Lets Drawing ( Faces/Emotion )

Hi All!
Its me again! Sorry not to write for a day. Well I'm a bit busy with registration for Master's program and I also busy with kids camp planning. But now I'm back!.
Today I'm posting about how to draw simple picture. Simple picture, means picture that can be drawn quicly, not the artfull one. This kind of picture will help us when we need to put illustration for Sunday School story or school lesson. There is time when you need to quickdrawing on whiteboard or board.

The tips than I want to share is first about drawing faces. Its very easy one. Faces of human picture has emotion, and the emotion can be played by the various eyes and mouth form.

1. Draw the base, two circles with dot
2. The eye line can be inside or outside the circles.
3. / this line mean sad eye
4. \ this line mean angry or brave
5 ^ ^ this line, inside circles means happy
6 example of various emotion shown by eyes
7 Mouth form, from left to right, happy, unhappy, confused
8 Various faces, happy and brave, happy face, unwell face.

Hope this will be usefull, and it will be used also in animal or plants emotional face.
Have a nice drawing!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cartoon Heroes

Here is a simple song about heroes that I like most. Not so simple I think, because the melody and background music is the great one. “Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua. The lyric is great and inspirational for me. Its so heroic and applicable too . Heroes just like illusion, hard to believe but they’re real. They do the thing that people hope somebody will do ( we teach greatly as the students hope we will do it ). Sometimes we must fight extremely, the lyric “one by one we’re making it fun” is nice. It means we can enjoy our work or job.

There is a sentence that Hero must learn skills. Learn to run and learn to fall ( from any height ). Learn to run at speed of light, I think this mean learn and train so hard, because to run at speed of light mean run in maximum speed and without training hard, you cant make it. Learn to fall means you’re learn to fall and still alive. This is great, often we fall and consider it as failure and don’t want to stand up again. Lets learn to fall and be alive , stand up!

Not all people can do heroic things and can be a hero ( maybe they don’t want to learn to run and fall ). But when you become a hero it will be last forever.

Cartoon Heroes

By Aqua

We are what we’re supposed to be - illusions of your fantasy All dots and lines that speak and say - what we do - is what you wish to do
We are the color symphony, we do the things you want to see
Frame by frame - to the extreme

Our friends are so unreasonable, they do the unpredictable
All dots and lines that speak and say - what we do - is what you wish to do
It’s all an orchestra of strings, doing unbelievable things
Frame by frame - to the extreme, one by one we’re making it fun

We are the cartoon heroes, oh, we are the ones who are gonna last forever
We came out of a crazy mind, oh, and walked out on a piece of paper

Here comes Spiderman, arachnophobian, welcome to the toon town party
Here comes Superman, from never never land, welcome to the toon town party

We learn to run at speed of light, and to fall down from any height
It's true but just remember that - what we do, is what you just can’t do
An opera of craziness - a bunch of dots that’s chasing us
Frame by frame - to the extreme, one by one we’re making it fun

We are the cartoon heroes, oh, we are the ones who are gonna last forever
We came out of a crazy mind, oh, and walked out on a piece of paper

Here comes Spiderman, arachnophobian, welcome to the toon town party
Here comes Superman, from never never land, welcome to the toon town party

You think we’re so mysterious, don’t take us all too serious
Be original and remember that, what we do, is what you just can’t do

What we do, is what you just can’t do - What we do, is what you just can’t do
What we do, is what you just can’t do - What we do, is what you just can’t do

We are the cartoon heroes, oh, we are the ones who are gonna last forever
We came out of a crazy mind, oh, and walked out on a piece of paper

There’s still more to come, and everyone will be - welcomed at the toon town

Søren Rasted/Claus Norreen
© 1999 Universal Music Publishing AB

What they said about the Zeros

“ We don’t like their music, and even the popularity of guitar is going down”

( Decca Recording Company when rejecting The Beatles, 1962 )

“ You won’t go anywhere, kid. Better going back with your previous job, as a truck driver “

( Jimmy Denny, Grand Ole Orpy manager when kicking out Elvis Presley after a show at 1954 )

“ Just learn to be a secretary or get married “

( Emmeline Snively, director of Blue Book Modelling Agency, her advice for Marilyn Monroe, 1944 )

“ Your teeth form is bad, and you talk so slow “

( Universal Pictures Executive when Rejecting Clint Eastwood, 1959 )

Well , all of us know what happened then with the Zeros. They’ve got their popularity boost and reach their dream. Many heart stabbing words come to us, to stop teaching, to stop blogging, said that you’re nothing, you’re not a good teacher, you talk to slow, you’re ugly, you can’t be with kid, you don’t have talent, etc. But the one who know our future only God, and the one who decide to walk on or just sit is us. We can learn to get better and better until become the best.

I translate the sentences from Indonesian language so it maybe a bit different from the real sentences ( if you found it somewhere ).

picture taken from internet

Monday, May 22, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : be a role model!

Hi there, I’ve posted about Role Model and Modelling theory yesterday. And also I put Gandhi’s picture there. I don’t mean that all of us must become like Gandhi , Mother Theresa, Lady Diana or even Christ. It is good if you can become one of them, but all the big things firstly started from the small one. We can become a role model for our kids or children or students by doing simple little things.

Put litter in bin

Seeing litter in your class or environtment? Just pick it up and throw it to litter bin. Even the smallest piece of paper until dirty tissue, you can pick it up. Maybe kids will think you act strange ( to gather those dirty thing and put it in bin ). You can explain that this simple action is usefull for our environtment. In my country, doing this thing means preventing flood ( because flood happened because people littering everywhere, in sewer, river , etc, that will stopped the flows of water ). Also you can clean up your class by yourself, don’t just wait for cleaning service. I used to sweep my own class. So when other teacher want to use it , its already clean.

Don’t get into “it”

Often when you’re with student then on of you friend come in to talk to you. He/she can talk about dirty joke or just get angry and said dirty words. Even the joke is very funny, don’t give positive response, so kids know that dirty joke and dirty word isn’t good. Or you can warned your friends about that joke , you can just “shhh” or “we can talk about it later “. Then even you get angry, if he/she teasing you, don’t fight back with dirty word, just told him/her politely.

Come very early

Come early in the morning, set up the class well. This gives good model for kids. They know that you come early and not late. If you get late, it can be a reason for them to come late too, they can say “ you as the teacher can come late, why we can’t come late too? “. Coming early not just to prepare your own class, you can help prepare other class. I often seen kids from other class that come earlier before their teacher, then they prepare that class ! They arrange the sit , clean up whiteboard, etc. Usually I helped them and give praise for their attitude.

From this three simple things, you can add more. Maybe the modeling don’t take fast effect, kids can remember the model when they’re teens or adult. So as the bad model, they’re afraid will get punished if talk dirty, but when they’re adult, there is no one to afraid of.

picture taken from internet

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Me and my blog

Having blog is like having a kid or child. You must take care of it and be responsible. Im so thankfull for all the visitors that come to my blog. And I also amazed by that my article here reach above 50 , which I think I cant make it ( at the first time launching this blog ). Yes, its like kid, you dont know what they will become.

To leave my blog ( for teaching or sunday school ) is a bit sadly for me. Like you're leaving your child for about 1-2 days. Leaving my blog give me "blog anxiety" in my brain, I will always think about it ( the visitor, content, etc ). Fortunately, yesterday, when Im leaving my blog, God sent his angel to help my blog. My friend, Razib, informing about my blog in some sites. And I've got benefit from his action. He is a good friend ( like a good neighbour who can take care of your kid when you're working ). Razib is a blog owner too, his blog is quite great , he update it everyday with fresh news from South Asia. I think he is a good blogger model and his blog also a good blog model. People can learn from his blog and his attitude.

Today I've got problem in my blog, I cant see my own update in my blog, well of course you will seen this post but I cant. Also for some others blog, still frozen with their old topics. I dont know what happened, but when using other computer, all is running well.

Hope it will be fix soon.
have a nice day
and for blogger, have a nice blogging day!

From Zero to a Hero : Power of a Model

who? Kate Moss?
No, I mean a role model. Be a role model means that your action will always be observe or seen by other, and in the school context , all of your action as a teacher ( or maybe as person ) will be observe by children and other teacher. If you do something bad, for example, talking dirty infront of children , than kids will copy that action and paste it in their brain.

Learn from model, usually called modelling or observational learning, is the part of Bandura's study in social learning. Bandura using experimental method in his study, he lets chilldren observe a kid that playing with doll ( called Bobo doll ), the kid ( as a model ) then play roughly with the doll, the doll been hit and kick. After some time, Bandura, let the children to play with Bobo doll too, the result is, the children play it roughly like the kid before. The result is reversed when , the model take good care with Bobo doll. Other variations is by giving reward and punishment, seeing the model get punished because rough play will decrease children's will to copy that action.

Reading the paragraph above, we should know how to positioned ourself. Dont do bad things infront of students ( the best is dont do bad thing ). Also we learn about social learning here. Give reward to good model will make other copy that nice action , example : Bill can memorize the verse well, then give him a praise, children who seen this will copy Bill's action. Another example : Joey hit Ron with book, you must act quickly warn him, then other kids dont want to do that too because they have seen their friends get punishment.

The picture in this post is Mahatma Gandhi, from India. He's got many followers till now, because he is a great role model, he fight for justice with peacefull way. Gandhi, also know about Bible, but he get very upset when Christian people ( in India at that time ) still valueing people by race, if all Christian can be like their model ( Jesus ) then the world will become a nice place to live.

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