Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today , my brothers borrow much comics from comics retail. Comics here mean japanese comic that translated to indonesian language. They brought so much comic about 10 books. Detective Conan, Kung Fu Boy, Prince of Tennis, Black Jack. I know it all, and I read it too.
Many parents dislike comic, they thought that comic only make their child become lazy and imaginative. We know that some comics have bad effect like, brutality, pornographic , use of drugs, etc. But mostly not, if you are a parent its easy to control your child comic, you should read it too.

Comic main character, brings some good message for me. Chinmi from Kung Fu Boy is a great kid with martial art talent. He fight for justice and he keeps himself low profile. Also in this comic show that Chinmi must work together with his friends to fight their enemy. There is never give up spirit shown by them. Although they must face enemy in much numbers.

On Black Jack comic, it show a young doctor's life. He life as a doctor that must experience the darkside of hospital. That many senior doctors do bad things to their patients. This young doctor, keep his idealism and try to change the bad things. He fight for the patients right. This comic talks much about humanity value.

Likes to have brain sport? Conan Detective is one of a good way for me. The story is so smart, and not boring one. Conan must try his best to reveal cases. There is some humour too. And as the previous comic, Conan also fight for justice, to hit the real badguys and freeing others from terror of murderer.

Sportsmanship, teamwork and again never give up spirit shown in Prince of Tennis comic. It talks about Seigaku Tennis team. They tried as hard as they can to win tournaments.

There must be comics to in your country. And I know you can find the best for your kids. Remember to avoid pornographic comic or only fighting comic.

Happy reading!

From Zero to a Hero : Make Friends

As a teacher and sunday school teacher, we are not alone there. We works with other. There are another teachers around us, and ready or not, we must have good relationship with them. Not only with senior teachers but also with the newbies. I divide the teachers into 4 groups, senior, middle, same class, and newbies.

Senior teacher, usually called as the legendary one. People give much respect to them They may be the first one or the founder of the school. Have good experience and broad knowledge. And they are very aware of rules, tradition and organization. Their weakness is, sometimes they dont moves with modern technology, dont know how to email or using computer. Dont get trouble with them, because they're a bit stubborn and it is a waste of time to fight against legend.
Help them if they have some problem with technology, but don't make them embarassed. I help a senior teacher to use microsoft excel, and she appreciated so much. Also they will be happy if you want to know about rules and the school organization. In a teamwork, give them simple but honorable work such as leading prayer, giving foreword, or as evaluator.

Teachers with more years experience. Still have good amount of energy. There are various type of this middle class. Some with a revolting mentality, usually in small number, always fight against the old rule. Some with "let if flow" mentality, dont want to get into trouble and just follow majority. And a little amount of leader. The leader group is a good group to become friend, as they like to get follower. But also, you must make friend with the "rebel", they are very loyal and helpfull , as they want you so badly to join them ( because of their small amount ). One of the weakness of leader is, they have many good ideas, but dont want to work fo it, they only depend on young teacher to do it. They likes to create concept. So if you want to get good program concept or fresh idea, you can ask them.

Same Level
Here is the same level teacher with you. They started to work in same year with you. They can be your very good friend, as both of you have same feelings. But trouble or relationship problem often happen with this groups of teacher. As you are the same level opponent! So , watch yourself and always be nice to them. Someday you and your same level will lead the school or organization. The better your relationship at this time, the more benefit you get in the future.

Usually the very fresh comer. They are still new and "clean". Also still have good spirit. You can be their guidance. But dont make fool of them, because someday they also will grow bigger. They are very helpfull and want to do much job. Give them simple or physical job. Dont give them hard or serious conceptual job. There is a bad culture in sunday school by giving much job or leader position of a program to new comer. If they get stress, then they will quickly get retired.

My conclusion is, we must make friend with other. But we must also control our word and action against them. Dont use to cool or hot words with senior, as dont use serious mimic with the newbies.

Friday, May 12, 2006

6 minutes before tomorrow

Now Im sitting here, infront of my computer.
Im happy with sitemeter result today it counts 36 visits. Well good number for me, although there are many person got bigger number than me. From yesterday, im trying to do my best for this blog, I visits much blogs and make good post there. Hoping that everybody will visits mine too. Thanks God, you're coming here.

Still I have something to think in my head. Its about the Kids Camp again. Im not sure about what will happened at next Sunday ( the second meetings ). Honestly I fell anxious and always think there must be something wrong. But as I try the best for this blog, I also do it for camp. I know God will always with me and also with other who believe in Him.

Good night and have a nice dream my friend.
Goodluck for tomorrow.

Why Zero to a Hero?

Maybe some people have some question about why I made the From Zero to a Hero series. Am I a great hero, or a great teacher so I can write about it?

No, and absolutely not. Im not the great one. I write from Zero to a Hero based on my experience as a teacher ( in school and sunday school ). I have earn some bad experience ( kids fight, coming late, dont prepare well, misscommunication with other teacher , etc ) and got some lesson from that. I only share the lesson that I got , so I hope others wont get same bad experience like I feel.

People did something wrong, often not because of their fault or stupidity, but because they don't know the "how to". And through " From Zero to a Hero ", Im trying to inform you ( reader ) the "how to " in many topics. I hope it will be usefull.

Remember , Im not the clever one here, you're freely to comment or also share some tips here. Zero means nothing or just empty, and after reading "From Zero to a Hero ", hope you get something and there is no zero again, or the goodnews, you can be the Hero.

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From Zero to a Hero : Kids Fight! ( Prevention )

Begun with joking, then mocking each other. Tension grew hot, and one of the kids hit another with a hook, then the sparring partner give him a kick. Fight! One or two friends join the brawl, and its just like watching WWE ( world wrestling entertainment ). Teachers become panic and shouting. It will be complete if parents enter the class to help their kids and blaming teacher.

Well, this is real and can happen anytime. And it has destructive effects, maybe there will be revenge , angry or your class will turn upside down as the things falling everywhere. The atmosphere become unwell and other who didn't join fight wont have comfortable class. Parents wont trust the teacher anymore.

You as a teacher, can have reason like " things happen so fast " or " I didnt see that " or just " sorry I'm careless ". Im sure that all of us dont want any kinds of fighting happen in our class. There are some tips to prevent this :

Don't let the fire spreading
If you seen a kid begin to tease other, warn him/her. Give a serious warn, if you dont do this, he/she can make things become worst or other kids will do the same thing ( as they see that they will be ok doing so ). When giving warn you must call his/her name , example : "Billy, dont do that again, its not good ", dont say " You, dont do that ". When you said his/her name, he/she know that you warn him. There is less identity conscious with saying only you and you.

Don't mix cat and dog
If you already now that Mary and Jullie cant be friendly each other, then don't place them near. Give them a good distance, 3 or 4 chairs. Let some neutral kids separate them. And you must aware if one of them coming toward another ( often this happen, a kid coming toward another to use hit and run tactic, he/she coming fast to enemy place than give fast hit/tease then comeback again to their chair ).

Don't mix the "gangster"
Some kids cant be mixed together not because they're not friendly each other. But because they can make partner in crime with his/her gang. A gang of kid's ( with same thought to fight or tease other ) are more dangerous.

Placing guard
Tell your sidekick or partner to keep an eye to some potential troublemaker kid. Place him/her near that kids. This is one of the most effective way to reduce "riot".

Always keep an eye
You and your partner must always keep an eye on what the kids doing. Many problem come because you're not aware, or the kids are not in your view area. If you keep an eye on them, then you can have fast reaction against trouble.

Working together task
Giving a task that can be done together is a good way to make them be friend each other. And you must praise the teamwork. Make sure that the task can be done by kids, but to finish it needs helps or support from all of the group members.

Pray before the class begin. Pray that God will protect the class and lessons can running well.

Told them about love, living together, care with other will also the best way to put good seed in their heart.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

I lost it

I almost posted my 51'th message, but suddenly the internet connection is down and I havent backup the post. So, I lost it. Well thats life you can ruin it after working hard. At you can do it easily. If I just make a copy on microsoft word, sure there will be no problem like this. Im just not aware about this simple things.

Although Im so upset right now, but I learn that I must more carefull next time. And I tell you to backup your post, so you wont loose it. There is a person in bloggerforum who wrote : backup your post on his signature, but I dont take serious about that.

The case is same as you must bring spare tire on car, bring more pencil or ballpoints when doing exams, backup all your document and data, etc.

Right now I must go to teach

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Facing Anxiety

Right now Im feeling unwell about the Kids Camp planned by sunday school. I havent got any progress report. I know that there must be patience to do a thing. But still there is a part of myself that feel not good. Everybody must have feel this way too. Feel afraid, anxious or stress. According to Freud's term, our unwell feeling is because of something he called anxiety.

There are types of anxiety :

When you face the real danger, like meeting tiger in the woods or your plane is being hijacked. The threat source is real , it can be seen and very realistic one.

Anxiety happened when your spirit feel quilty because you've done something unethic. Or when seeing somebody does that. Hit kids with hand or newspaper, then you will feel guilty of what you've been done. Many person do suicide because of this type of anxiety, the example is Judas from Bible.

It doesnt mean that you get crazy. The cause of this type of anxiety is our fear of something external of our control. You're afraid of something that havent come yet or havent been seen. Im now feeling this way, I have done many things for preparing the camp but still I feel there must be something wrong.

People can face anxiety or fear with two way. Flight or Fight
You can withdraw yourself against problem and try to forget it. Or doing another things you like. The second option is to face it with a tough face.
It isnt bad if you must fligt for awhile. Then returning when you're ready to fight. Realistic anxiety , for me, is the easiest one to be solved. Because everthing is clear and can be seen. You can make quick decision, will you fight the tiger or just run away.
Facing moral anxiety is like facing your own heart. Just try to forgive yourself and let the past be the past. Neurotic one is the hardest, we dont know where is it come from.

But also you can fight it, just relax, think possitive, and get that bad sounds out from your head. Remember you are you! Dont let evil sound banging on your head, take control of your life and let the neurotic sound be gone.

Good luck my friend!

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Beauty simple little thing

Have a lot of work? get depressed?
Well me too, many things to think. My blog problem ( its flopping ), the kids camp, etc. Sure I want to get away from this as quick as I can. Many of my friend got stress because of their job ( with 12 working hours a day! ). Many of students also get depressed because the paper and homework is to much. This week , three of my friend got thypus ( caused by work overload ).

Is our life get bad and bad everyday?
Will we be like this for a whole of our life?
as a kid there is a bunch of homeworks and problems
as a teenage, you've got problem from friends and parents
as a youngster, you must do paper in university and doing part time job
as an adult you must go to work everyday
as an old person you must take care of children and take care of your day.

In Sunday School , the opening's song in my class is Good morning God and The Sun shining brightly of course we sang in Indonesian. The song is talk about God's care of us in everymorning. The sun still shining and birds singing. Flower blooming beautifully.

Many simple little thing we dont realize , and that things is so beautifull. The sun still shining for us, also oxygen is free. When you can enjoy this simple things, you can feel your life getting better. Watching the stars, ray of light through tree leaves, rainbow, etc. God still take care of the million stars and also he will take care your life.


I like watching sky at night. Especially when there are stars in the sky. It looks very beautiful although the light isnt clear. Some times ago, I sent a short message through cell phone to my friend, I inform her about the beautifull stars on the sky. But she said that my message got no meaning. Maybe she just thought that im trying to flirt on her.

Well stars have a good meaning. They are very usefull to guide people who lost in their way. Long time ago before human create navigation tools, ships and trader only hoping on stars guidance. Many life can be safe by stars guidance. The light is only like a dim but it can be very helpfull.

Our life, as the Bible says must be like a light. Maybe we dont have a bright light. But like the stars that could make itself usefull, we can make it also. Doing just simple things for others is got a "stars" meaning too.

I've put
link in my blog, and if you click on it, it means you give a plenty of rice to others who needs it.
simple things but have good meanings.

From Zero to a Hero : Sidekick isnt bad

Hi there
at my some previous post I wrote about archetypes, one of it is role as a sidekick. Role as the secondman(woman) , role as Robin ( Batman ). Dont be sad or loose confidence if you become "just a sidekick " . Well before becoming a teacher ( who can teach at sunday school class ), i played role as a sidekick teacher. As a new teacher I've been put in "very very need teacher class". There are 3 teachers on that class , 2 is gone, and another one can't come regularly.

So I, as a new teacher was place in that class with subtitute teacher. And the subtitute teacher is always rotate everyweek, so Im sidekicking about 5 teachers. Yes 5, and need some adaptation to doing so.

Well at first time I'm a bit confuse but later I took some advantage from this condition

Benefit from sidekicking :
You can learn about the first hero style. You can observe her/his style. How he/she handle the kids, the situation, others. Dont be shy to ask from them. But dont just be their clone, you must also filter the negative side of them and put it out from your style. I learn from 5 teachers, each of them have their own talent, one is very motherly, one is very discipline, one is with young style, one is good at singing, one is very brotherly and patient. But every of them has their weakness.

Always got back up
If the first teacher is good, he/she can back you up against problem in class. As the first teacher now, I always ready to help my sidekick if she has problem. Whether the problem with kids or with other teachers, or even with parents!.

Idea sharing
Their ideas ( idea from main teacher ) usually is a good one, you can keep it and save it in your memory. You will need that ideas when you grow up as a main teacher.

Things to remember :
Remember to help the main teacher, and try to back up as hard as you can. Dont think that you're just a junior and not need to have responsible. Sometimes when I was sidekicking I took the role as main teacher for a few minutes, because the main teacher is late. Always think to become main teacher too, dont just satisfy becoming a sidekick

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Move Move Move!

Darting here than dashing there. Often you need to do things like this. You must go to one class then as fast as you can , you must go to other class. Well I do it also in sunday school and in chess teaching. And sometimes the action scene not only from class to class but to allover building from the ground 'till the 3rd floor. And it will be very hot action in an event such as Easter or Christmas. I usually on the equipment department, so I must control all the equipment and situation there.

Honestly a lot of energy will drain and we will get very tired after this. And there is a risk that you can get accident. So, we need reflex, stamina and pace. And this will be usefull in everyday life, I sometimes must run after a bus to catch it. Or run to school because im late.

Do sports in minimum twice a week will helps you increase your physical skills.

1. Cardio
Which means a form of sport that will increase your stamina and strengthen your heart. Example of this one is running or jogging. Its very simple and cheap. Running or jogging around. In doing this thing, dont be to hurry or overconfident. Just keep the pace stable, its ok to run slow for one hour than running fast but only last for ten minutes. Control your breath so you wont waste it. Swimming is also a good choice. Want to know Bruce Lee's secret? he is doing rope jump everyday for one hour, and according to him, rope jump is 3 times effective than running.

2. Body Power
Get the physical power through muscle training. Train your muscle and you can lift heavy things. You can train your muscle with dumbell. Same with the cardio training, dont be to hurry, just lift from the light weight ( 2kilos or less ) , after you done well with the light one, you can increase the weight.

Sit up and push up is the cheap one. You can do it without buying sports equipment. One of my friend who is being Indonesian Idol ( the Indonesian version of American Idol ) do sit up 25 times on morning.

3 Games
Playing sport games such as soccer and basketball is a good way to. It will increase the cardio side and a little bit of power. And the most important, this will increase your reflex too, because you use most part of body to play the games. And its fun also. You can get more friend here, and you can do it more routine than training by yourself.

Here is an example of training menu :
45 minutes cardio ( running )
30 minutes power
- 20 push up x 2
- 25 sit up x 2
- weigtlifting , 15 x 3 ( for each right and left body )

You can add more menus or you can decrease the number, its according to your condition now. And there is one thing you should not forget :

WARMING UP before doing sports.

lets MOVE!


Idea is something like love and death.
Nobody know when it will come
Nobody know when it will gone
Nobody know where it will appear

Idea is sometimes hard to get, but sometimes it could easily come up. I need many idea for the sunday school, kids camp, chess teaching, blogs, etc. When I think hard about ideas, it never come up easily. But when in a relax condition, it can appear accidentally. You must be have the same experience.

Idea can also be come up by looking others. Looking at others job and modificate it, then this is what people call innovation. Adding this or replacing that. I know this is not original one, but still we can produce better one.

I have mentioned that Idea not always come in hard thinking. But this doesnt mean you dont have to think about it. Idea come when we are relaxing, mean our brain still working although you're not still thinking the idea. Have you ever feel when you suddenly wake up and got some solution? It mean your brain still working while you were sleeping. So if you never think, then the brain also wont thinking. But when you think, the brain will work harder that you.

The world is full of ideas....

Monday, May 08, 2006

Get Up! ( From Bed )

Somebody told me that bed has its own contradictory. At night, when you want to sleep, you're make sure that you will leave the bed on time at morning. But in the morning you just want to spent a little while in your bed ( to sleep again?). I think its ok to take a sleep or just moving lazyly in your bed. Nobody will banned you.

I also have some get up problem. And to solve this, I try some way :
1. Alarm
Use alarm is one of the goodway. But I know we can easily stopped the beep by push or hit it. So if you set up an alarm, put that alarm as far from your bed, and make sure to turn it of you need to walk or stand. Doubling the alarm is also good idea, use the alarm clock and the alarm from your cell phone. But set it up at different time, one at 6.00 and the other at 6.05.

2. Human Alarm
Just put a paper in your refrigerator or place that can seen by other people in your house. Write down "please wake me up at.....". You can also add " its urgent, wake me up till I wake up ". And you must also permit the person to do whatever things to make you wake up. Even if she/he needs to splash you with water.

3. Remember your Schedule
Remembering a schedule can make you thought what you must do. Just mention it to yourself that your schedule will need to be reset if you come late because of get up problem. This is a nice way for me, as I dont want to waste my time and my effort making schedule.

4. Think positive
Think that others has waited for you to come up. Think that kids wants to greet you at school. Think that your co worker and boss ( !? ) need you. Think that the world can be change by your role. Dont waste your time! And I'm always thinking, "ok I get up now, but will sleep as much as I want later, after my job is done "

I hope this will be a usefull tips. Get up on time will make you can prepare well for school or for work. And you can come up on time at school which mean you still have time to meet and greet the kids and the teacher ( which i have mention this at some previous post )

Get up now!

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Country

Some of you maybe dont know where my country is. My country name is Indonesia , and you can find it on world map, its above Australia and south of East Asia. Indonesia is an archipelago country, a counry with many islands. There is Java island, Sumatra, Kalimantan ( Borneo ), etc. You may found the island name on many movie, in King Kong one of the ships name is Surabaya ( this is name of a city in East Java ), also it is mentioned about skulls island. I think this is a fictive but its said near Sumatra ( an island also in my country ).

If I said Bali, most foreigner will know, they know Bali more than Indonesia. Bali is a great island with beautifull sandy beach. But unfortunately its been bombed twice by terrorist. And also there is some drugs case there.

Honestly I said that it is true that my countries isnt in a good condition. Terrorism is still active here. Also corruption by government is still not decrease.

I'm hoping that what I'm doing in sunday school can give better future for my country. Hope that the kids someday can become a great leader and make improvement for my country.

From Zero to a Hero : Got the Power!

Well after waiting for several days , now im ready to write about this. I have been annoyed a bit, because of the internet connection problem, but now its ok.

I have seen a teacher who can control well the class athmosphere. He also can make all the students listen to him well, without being a tyrant. When he enter the class, the students will be happy, but they still respect him. I have also seen a teacher that can teach well, have a good physical style but cannot control the class well.

Sometimes I can control the class well but sometimes not.
Power here not only about controlling the class, but also usefull for communication with others, and the higher your power the better you are. I have seen Joan of Arc movie, there a scene when Joan come alone in battlefield any she told her enemies ( in a big troops ) to go back to their homeland or they will be killed. None of enemy soldier to come forward or hit her with arrow. Then they turned their horse and go back home.

1 Know yourself
After making a self evaluation, you can recognize some of your talent and also your weakness. Then you can learn to increase your talent and closing the weakness. Improving talent is better than minimizing weakness. A very talented person ( in a field ) will make him/her got power, and people usually dont bother with his/her weakness. Because some weakness sometimes cant be change, especially if its a psychological/physical dissability.

2. Know your aim
You must set up goal in everything you do. You must know about why you do that things, why you teached sunday school? If you have the right motivation then you can gain your power too as motivation will related to your action. Often good motivation will related to good action too and people likes good action. Don't have aim means you're walking in the middle of nowhere and just doing your job without fighting spirit. You do the ministry or job just for killing time...., you wont produce good quality.

3 Integration
Means there is no Jekyl and Hyde. You are you and there is only one you. Dont be a two face people, you're a saint when teaching or when in school, but doing bad things outside. I know that we are not always be a clean people, but we should try. When you act as double agent, you will feel quilty when you act as the saint. Maybe you can still be a good actor, but the content and spirit is blank. And somedays your mask will revealed.

There is a woman that have good power and get much respect. She got all of this because her talks and her action is congruence. She talks about bible and she do what it said.
And I know a man that always talking about good program but he didnt do anything. Many of my friend talks about him behind.

Once you can increase the quality your own self, the power will be increased automatically. I will still write the continuation.

Against Child abuse

This is a very hot issues lately since there are so many news about child abuse and child pornography. Child abuse, usually related with physical and psychological harm targeted to child. Physicall abused is like punching, kicking, hair pulling, etc. Psychological abused is like, dirty talk to kids, underestimate kids, abandonment, etc. As a teacher we must know about this and also aware about our kids condition. There is some several way to recognize the victim of child abuse.

1. Physical
This is the easiest way, observe the kid and if you find a scars or marks ( blue/red ) on observable body part it can be cause by physical abuse. You can ask about the scars or marks, asked it politely and make sure that you're not interrogating, show that you care. If it havent been take care, than you can get the first aid kit to help him/her.
The hardest one if the scars or marks occur in the unobservable body area ( behind clothes or skirts ). But you also can recognize this by kid's action, whether she/he moves in awkward or unusual. You can ask what happened to him/her. Better the person who asked is person with same gender.

2 Psychological
A little bit hard, but also it isnt impossible to know this area. If the kid didnt act as usual. Example : Usually John is very active, but today he looked sad and unmotivated. You can also seen this in his/her relationship with other friends. Usually the abused child dont get along with others and likes to be alone. Or the other extreme point they will make aggressive action ( blast his/her anger to others ). I know a boy who's been abused psychologically by his father ( his father dont want to claim him as his child ), the boy likes to say " I will hit all the girls with baseball bat ! ", and also a teenage girl that psychologically abused by her parents ( parents overprotective and always blame her on everything wrong ), there is a time when she said " I will pay someone to rape her ( her friend that she hate most ) ", and she likes to draw skull.

You can also observe when he/she plays with toys. In one truth example , the one with abused experience played the toys aggresively, a girl can put off her doll hand, or a boy that always make war story with his figurine. Also in the way of drawing, they can make their own experience when abused by drawing.

It isnt easy to get in to this kids heart or to make them trust you. First you must be their friend. Then slowly you can talk about this problem, dont get to the point, you can begun with neutral chat. Dont take them as an experiment subject! If you have get in to them, dont leave them, be with them whether the problem solved or not.

Second, try to solve the problem. You can work with their parent to solve it, or with other teachers. It will be hard if you work alone. If you know that the abuser is the parent or other family member, you can ask support from older people ( because often people younger than parent are being underestimate by them ) like senior teacher, principal, or leader of religious group ( priest ), psychologist or therapist.

If the case is caused by criminal action ( rape ) you can also ask help from police.

Protect them and make a better future
Because it is a fact that an abuser is a person who's been abused in their past.

Back Again

Hi all!
Im back again to blogger world. Well its like been forever ....,
Today as usual I teached sunday school, then I must attend several meeting. The teachers camp meeting , also the monthly teachers meeting. Well Im tired but its ok. Anyway at the morning, I went to Sunday School as fast as possible.

Because I wanted to put flyer on every class on the building. Also I give the flyers to every teacher. The content of the flyer is giving information and approaching teacher so they want to support kids camp. I know thats not depend on my flyer but depend on God's will.

Here is the picture on flyer ( i cut the content, as the content is in indonesian language ). I made some change from World Cup 2006 Logo. Camp Anak 2006 means Kids Camp 2006, and Cimanggis is a name of a site near my city ( Jakarta ). The font on that flyer is Lord of the Ring Font, i take it from internet.

I put precious one on one of the circle. The meaning is ( as I write on flyer content ), that this camp is very important, and everybody needs to support this camp. This is not my camp but our camp that we do it for God's name.

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