Saturday, April 15, 2006

Morning for Easter

Today i get up very early in the morning to help my friend at small class. We set up things at Pasadenia's ( name of an apartement ) field. Thanks God there is no rain, and everything can be set up well. First we set up the bacground then the mat and decoration. I dont know about how the celebration running ( because i must teach my class at that time ), i think it run well.

There are bunnies, egg and bees that placed well in the park. It looks nice.

Happy Easter All!

Happy Easter!
the celebration in sunday school is over, but the meaning isnt.
all going well. There is emptyness in sunday school today, the big and the small class are going outside to celebrate easter. The middle class left ( only left 3-4 classes ).

The picture at the right is one of the easter egg winner. Kids made the boat from box, and the egg is the people that rowing boat. At the yellow banner there is a writings mean sail with Jesus.

The show is go on! and everything ok
this is the picture of the puppet show. It talks about a group of animals trying to break the wall. The wall is known as wall of sin. No one can break it, until Jesus come to the world and break the wall through His sacrifice in cross.

I will told you more about today celebration in tomorrow update. Because i'm so sleepy right now. By the way the rain is still coming, but it happened right after the celebration is over. Thanks God, and thanks for praying!

one hour before D day!

everything is set up
the chair is ok
the decorative ok
tent ok
music ok
well hope everything is ok
im just a while here, the i will dart to the building again
here some of the decorative picture

the man is Mr Heru who created many of the decorative
and also the puppet The second pic is the puppet for show there are monkey. giraffe, elephant, rhino, dog.

Friday, April 14, 2006

6 hours before the H hour

im wake up in the morning, and feel the weather
its sunny! and i hope it will be like this in the whole day.
I will go to the building at 1030 and hope to meet my friend at 11.00 to set up
the light.

Also I will bring the digital camera ( i got it finally ). I will take some pictures for this blog.

human can made plans but God decide....
I know God will give the best for us.

It will be a fun and hard day today!

Ready for D Day!

Tomorrow will come!
today me and my friends are so tired. We made the decorative since 11.00 until 18.00. 7 hours. Thankfully, everything is ok, the equipment is good.

The decorative were made by many things, the cross made by bamboo , background made by hand painting. Then we also used dead tree , styrofoam, palm leaves, and we got all of this from neighbourhood garbage can!

And i'm very happy that the tent has been set up well above sunday school building. So it will protect the things from hard rain.

Unfortunately and im very sorry that i cant bring my digital camera. Because my father used it for his work.
Until tomorrow!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Day before tomorrow

Good morning everybody!
wake up! wake up!
today is the day before Easter celebration in sunday school. Teachers from my class group will meet at 10 in the morning to set up for tomorrow. I will take the keyboard and sound system from church ( hope will get it well )

And one of my friend will search for trees for decorative, i dont know whether he will get it or not. Also i will try to borrow digital camera from my brother so i can take picture for this blog.

The weather is cloudy here, i think rain will coming again. Better coming today than tomorrow i guess.....

Goodluck All!
Have a nice day!

Hard Rain

Uh oh!
hard rain still coming through .... and if it still continuous like this, it will be hard to set up things for easter celebration. I hope in the next two days the rain will stop. Although i have call tent service to cover sunday school building, its still risky, because the wind is also hard.

And it will be risky to for the small group class that celebrate easter in the open field ( although still they are covered by big tent ).

Well i dont know why the rain still coming, because according to what i was taught in school, April until October isnt rainy season. Maybe because of some change in the world ( global warming ) so the season also change suddenly.

Almost everyday since last monday, rain comes in the morning and in the evening. Today the rain comes for 4 hours since 15.00

Lets pray!

Why Egg? Why Bunnies?

I asked the kids about why there are so many egg decorative, egg competition in easter?
Why not using carrot or others as a decorative?

Many kids ( also us ) dont know about this, egg is a symbol of new life. A new hope.
When Jesus won from death, He lives again and bring hope for all. And when we believe in this, we will get new hope and also new live ( in earth and heaven ).

Then, how about the bunnies?
Bunnies or rabbit, is animal that hard to be killed. They are everywhere, when one rabbit die, there will be others rabbit still alive, and the number keep growing. Hope this will be a symbol that Christian will never extinct and will grow larger in quality and quantity.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter is coming!

Hi all!
Easter is coming and all of the teachers in white woods preparing to celebrate it. They created so many decoration, easter bunnies, bees, etc. And i will publish the picture soon!

In the grade that i teach, we prepare for drama using puppet. But this isnt a usual puppet, the puppets created by hard paper, it is in animal form. Hope there will be no rain, so the easter will go on in a good way.

Dont forget to pray!

I think this is enough for first post

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