Friday, April 21, 2006

Behind the dark

This is the name of tomorrow sunday school activities for children.
They will be given white paper, then they must made 3 blocks of color in that paper. After that the colors will be sweep over with dark color ( black ).

Now there will be only black color on that paper. The kids will be intructed to scratch the black color with chopstick or scissors, the scratch must form written : Jesus is Alive. The color behind black color will appear on that scratch.

Hope the plan will going on well, i'm afraid the color will blend and the other color won't appear. But yesterday my friend has tried it at it works. I will make some photos , so you will know about the activities.

By the way what is the message of this activity? The message is, there is always hope behind the unseen if we want to believe. Many people don't believe the resurrection of Jesus although they have seen it ( the soldier that guard Jesus tomb ).

God bless you All!

What a wonderful lesson!
thanks, i will upload the picture tomorrow. and i will told u.
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