Friday, April 28, 2006

Chess Puzzle

Hours ago, a friend of mine gave me chess puzzle ( chess problem ). The problem is made by chess pieces arrangement with a mate in two problem. The problem is very hard for me, then some other friends come and try to solve the problem too. But they ended same with me.

One of my friend then yelled " This is a wrong problem, there is no answer for this problem ". And I agree with his opinion. But the creator of the problem said " There is no problem with no answer, every problem must have answer ". Then we tried again and again, and always failed.

But , suddendly an old man ( one of my friend too ) that trying to do it can solved it. We claps our hand for him. " Patience and never give up will solved it " said my friend who create the problem.

In our life, sometime we met a hard problem or a deadlock problem. But we know that or Creator will always give a way to solve it ( even it takes long time )

God Bless You All!
and thanks for any of you that pray when i am sick

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