Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Day before tomorrow

Good morning everybody!
wake up! wake up!
today is the day before Easter celebration in sunday school. Teachers from my class group will meet at 10 in the morning to set up for tomorrow. I will take the keyboard and sound system from church ( hope will get it well )

And one of my friend will search for trees for decorative, i dont know whether he will get it or not. Also i will try to borrow digital camera from my brother so i can take picture for this blog.

The weather is cloudy here, i think rain will coming again. Better coming today than tomorrow i guess.....

Goodluck All!
Have a nice day!

Thanks for your blog! It is great to learn how Indonesian Christians celebrare Resurrection Sunday!

[I found your blog from your guest book entry on my web site, The Sunday School Page,]

In the USA we also are getting ready for the celebration of Jesus' resurrection. My wife is buisily decorating our church worship center for a special Easter presentation by our pastor, and we have a special music-based celebration of the Lord's Supper tonight, led by our choir.

In our fourth-grade class, we will view a short video called "The Story Behind the Cross" from the Visual Bible for Kids series, so the kids can get an idea of what the actual historical events might have been like. It's hard for us to imagine the horrors of crucifixion and the joy of the resurrection.

May you have a blessed Easter celebration, and may each one in your school understand that Jesus is truly alive!
thanks TJ
hope everything is going well. I taught 1st grade class ( 6 year old )
we have many classes here and have building for sunday school. God gave us much, and hope we can use it in good way.
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