Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Easter is coming!

Hi all!
Easter is coming and all of the teachers in white woods preparing to celebrate it. They created so many decoration, easter bunnies, bees, etc. And i will publish the picture soon!

In the grade that i teach, we prepare for drama using puppet. But this isnt a usual puppet, the puppets created by hard paper, it is in animal form. Hope there will be no rain, so the easter will go on in a good way.

Dont forget to pray!

I think this is enough for first post

knock..knock.knock.. Should we use english? Cause I've something to say but do not know how to translate in English sentences.
It is like this : tok..tok..tokk buah semangka buah kedondong
buka pintu dong...he5x
Keep on working. Nice blog
thanks for comment
yes u should use english because its in english so others from other country can read your comment.
hello2, nice blog you got here. I used to be a sunday school teacher. Brings up old memories. Wish you the best !
how about to think to become sunday school teacher again?
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