Tuesday, April 18, 2006

fantasy world

many of my friend says that becoming a sunday school teacher is just facing a fantasy world. A world with child laughter, good fellow teacher friend, singing along together...and another good things.

The fact is, there is also hard things to face by being a teacher, we must know each of our kids. We must help them through their problem, pray for them.

I have experience facing kids fight ( boys ). Yes i can stopped them fighting physically, but hard to make them say sorry each other and forget the fighting. And their parent could blame us as a teacher if this things happened.

Miscommunication with other teacher can be happened, and can makes us angry or sad.

Well, there is always a cross in each job, whether in church or in the world.

Halo met kenal ya, aku baru sekali ini kayaknya mampir kesini.. hehehe :P

And met dateng di blogfam..
Interesting blog. I think it's hard to be a teacher nowadays, because parents expect too much from the teachers. The latter have to do almost the parents' job sometimes. This is an undervalued profession unfortunately.
yes you right, sometimes parents think that teacher is same as babysitter that responsible for their kids. The truth is, we ( sunday school teachers ) only meet their children once a week and parents meet their children 7 days a week.
but i'm still enjoying become a sunday school teacher.
thanks for coming
wah, fuye, welcome to blog world :)) I like ur blog. but i just can read not comment. coz my english litle2 hehehe. btw what does hedgehogman meant?
hedgehog = porcupine
animals that has sharp skin

thanks for coming mr Ayub
quoted: Well, there is always a cross in each job, whether in church or in the world.

Agree with this :D I just faced this reality in my Church Choir Service. At first, it's disappointing. But then I realize that we're all still human. We're uniquely different. So it's still possible to have some misunderstanding, etc, etc.. But we can also fix it anyway.. :D
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