Sunday, April 30, 2006

From Zero to a Hero part I

Hello there!
This is a tips and tricks for a new comer in sunday school or school. When you arrived as a rookie, maybe there is only a little bit people know you. Also the kids do not know you. And if you prolong a condition like this, you will perfectly stuck as an unknown entity there.

How to start a good openings ( in chess game the starting game is called openings game ) is depend on your will to socialize yourself.

Here is some tips from my experience and others fellow friends :

1. Do not come late !
whether you're not paid in teaching sunday school, please dont come late. Coming will give a bad sample for kids and they will looked negatively if you do this often, and also your partner wont like this.
There is some benefit if you come early, minimum 30 minutes before the class started ( one hour will be better ). First, you can make a small chat with kids that come earlier, you can ask small things like their address, school, age, and others. This is more effective than a formal introductory. And also you can have small talks and greet your fellow friends.

Second, you can prepare well before the class, and checked if everything is alright. So you can minimize a surprise shoot.

2. Wear name tag
You could wear a name tag even if its not a must in your sunday school. Wearing a handmade name tag would be good. Bright color and unique shape will attract kids to know you or asking about your name or the shape there. It will be a good start to make friend with kids.

3. Helpfull hands
Be a helpfull person is a good idea. Help your fellow friend if they need it, also you can ask if they need some help. But remember, do not help if you can't do it well, or you will create a worse situation. You can also helps the kids outside classroom, you can take care a crying kid or help if one of them fall down in playing ground ( do it quick ). Or in the situation you dont know what to do ( kids get hurt or bleeding ), you can fastly react to call other teacher.

4 Be Generous ( optional )
This is an optional idea. You could bring cookie or candy for kids or for your friend. Will be better if you make some simple things for others, maybe a bookmark with simple decorative. One of my friend sometimes give some used kids magazine to students. Simple is better than expensive one.

5. Leave the building late
This is the reverse of the number 1. Dont leave the building quickly, spare some 30 minutes to one hour to stay there. You can make a chat with kids that wait for their parent. Also you can share experience with other, you can talk about your problem in your class or just sharing a good moment you feel at class. Attending a program outside class also good, maybe a sports program with others teacher or praying community.

I think 5 of these is enough. You could try it or can add some if you like

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