Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Got Sick

I ve got sick since yesterday
I think its because my carelessness in lifestyle. Yesterday i went to internet cafe, and surf for about 4 hours. Then i forgot to eat, and when arriving home, im only eat instant noodle.

Now its become more serious i think, i felt my throat get hot and coughing a lot. I got a little dizzy also. I cant go to campus to meet my cell group ( oh im sorry kids! )

There is so many person doing the same thing as i am. They just dont care about some little things, and got a problem because of that. Forgot to eat, forgot to call, forgot to do this, forgot to do that, etc.

There is a saying in the bible to take care of little things so you can be trusted to do big thing

today i've failed
but i hope i can do it better next time

Cepet sembuh yah
wah sunday school teacher juga ya? Sama dong ama aku. Aku melayani di GKI Manyar, Surabaya. hmmm salam kenal ya. JLU
i think i only need a rest
I hope that you're feeling better now.
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