Thursday, April 20, 2006

Internal training

Internal training is one of routine activity in white wood sunday school. After some teacher sent to a training, then they must share their knowledge to friends who didn't attend the training. Hope there will be transfer of knowledge from them.

Unfortunately, not every teacher likes to attend the internal training. Whether they have another plan on that time or just don't want to attend. Besides judging other, i seen myself as a teacher that don't like internal training but i don't want to waste chance to learn. I don't really like internal training because i can't go home in normal time, and must stay in the building for about 2 hours more.

The chance to learn about sunday school skills dont come every week. And there is also some sunday school hoping to attend training but they can't ( because dont have funds or they are in remote area ). Grace come for every people, but not every people wants to accept that Grace.

Good night!

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