Friday, April 28, 2006

Kids Camp

There is a time to do some work again......
And now it is the time for me and my fellow to work on Sunday School Kids Camp. The Theme will be Jesus my Idol or Jesus my Superhero. I am planning to make the posters today, and hope it will be ok.

Why this theme ?
Well, the camp is for kids age 9-12, they are in the pre teen age. And many of them have idol like soccer superstar , artist, F1 driver, etc. Idolizing Jesus isnt a cool thing, and i hope it will be a cool thing after this camp. And I'll tell you the detail tomorrow, as tomorrow will be our first meeting to talk about this camp.

Pray for it, and soon i will upload the posters photo here.

Lets get the spirit!
I know that this isnt an easy job, but God will come and help in every job that glorify His name, and i believe that.

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