Sunday, April 23, 2006

Kids II

Today i wake up in lazziness. Well , at this time I thought about not being a sunday school teacher. I can sleep a little bit longer in sunday ( sometimes i get jealous with my brothers who still can sleep until 10 in the morning at Sunday ). Hardly I forced myself to wake up....

Along with my breakfast, bath, etc, I'm thinking about the work to be done at sunday school. Teaching, then I must giving the class utility to others teacher, then I must handle the equipment for internal training, and must talking about kids camp with other teacher. Honestly i'm tired about this.

But things change when i arrived at sunday school. I met some kids who greets me with their smile. When the class began, my partner started to sing with style and the kids too. It makes me forget about the other things..., then its my turn to tell story, and the kids response in a good way. Also when the activity ( about the colorfull behind the dark ), the kids do it in enthusiasm way.

And at the end of class, i thougt that i will miss them for a week, I feel time is running fast.
Since then my heart is full of joy..., well kids can turnaround our feelings.

God will take care of them during next week

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