Tuesday, April 18, 2006


seeing kids at sunday, i saw my childhood.
nothing to think about work, money, family , study, etc
just thinking about playing, friend, ice cream, toys, and other nice think ( that kid thinks )

They are easy to get happy, they will laugh seeing puppet, or seeing our style while singing.
They didnt see the puppet or singing style as a ridiculous or silly think, but its seen as funny think that make them happy.

The puppet is simple think, made by hard paper, and drawn as a simple character, then stick it on a wood, but it make them happy.

i think i can learn from them, learn to know that many simple think can brighten our lives....
learn to appreciate trees, animals, sky, cloud, wind, water, sun, and others things that we dont notice.

ah bisa bahasa indonesia kiranya. :)

silaken. sudah dibuka aksesnya di blogfam. salam perkenalannya ditunggu di perkenalan ya.
I love watching my children play. They are so full of life. If only we could all have that energy. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog.
yes i think the same think as you rose, children can running all days and looks like they never get tired.
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