Friday, April 14, 2006

Ready for D Day!

Tomorrow will come!
today me and my friends are so tired. We made the decorative since 11.00 until 18.00. 7 hours. Thankfully, everything is ok, the equipment is good.

The decorative were made by many things, the cross made by bamboo , background made by hand painting. Then we also used dead tree , styrofoam, palm leaves, and we got all of this from neighbourhood garbage can!

And i'm very happy that the tent has been set up well above sunday school building. So it will protect the things from hard rain.

Unfortunately and im very sorry that i cant bring my digital camera. Because my father used it for his work.
Until tomorrow!

Hi Mr Hedgemon or whatever.. hihihi. Finally you have your own blog. Congratulations. Keep on your good posting in Pak Ayub's blog. Your comments there drive me to your blog. So, you a sunday school teacher hihihi I thought that you a priest like Pak Ayub hihihihi..
thanks for comment kwek
yes im a sunday school teacher, so i also have disciple and have people to be serve
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