Friday, April 21, 2006


Tonight Me and some of my fellow teacher friends come to sunday school building. We are a part of utility and equipment departement in sunday school. We come to prepare equipment ( boardmarker, glue, color pencils, pencil, double tape, etc ) that will be given to all classes. Not a hard job but needs patient. We recycle all the color pencils ( that mixed , not in the box again ), all is being sharpened again, one by one , its about 200 color pencils.

After preparing all the equipment, then we divide its for each classes. We tried by our best to divide it in a good way, so it will be justice for all.... ( I hope )

We're not forget to clean up the equipment and utility room before coming home.

Well the activity for sunday school its not one a week, it can be 7 days a week. Not just preparing physical equipment but also preparing our heart to teach. Try not to do bad things...

im a bit sleepy.....

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