Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who needs God?

at first im planning to write about preparation for sunday school at sunday ( absolutely )
but when i arrived home after sunday school prepartion, there is an interesting movie on TV. Its the " turbulence heavy metal " ( hope its right title )
the story is about a group of band with Slade Craven as the leader that make a show on a flight. Slade likely to make fake murder, so he can raise the number of fans ( on internet online ). The fans on the flight also like him and all criminal things he said. Unfortunately there are few real criminals people ( satanist ) who join the flight. And the real criminal hijack the plane, and kills some people.

The fans that enjoyed violence become very frightened, some says "Oh my God ".
there is a good scene, when Slade can freeing himself from hijacker, he must land the plane by himself. He looks very afraid, on his anxiety, he then cut away his neclace ( with reverse cross symbol ), then he pray " God please land us safely "

Well human will realize that they need God....
Realize before you get realized

Good night!

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