Monday, May 15, 2006

1 Month of my blog

Hi all!
today is one month of my blog. Well time went fast....
Thanks for all people that visits my blog regularly and suddenly. Also I thanks to my friend at google groups , ( This is very usefull forum for all bloggers ), blogfam ( indonesian blogger forum ), and special thanks to my friend and kids at White Wood Sunday School.

I hope this blog will last for a long time and can give benefit for not just Sunday School but also educator. I realize that there are some weakness here, and will try hard to fix it and to improve the content.

Have a nice blogging day!

hhehehe.....sama donk mata juga baru 1 bulan ngeblog nih ??
hehehe....btw ngga apa apa yah comment pake bhs indonesia :)

yuk lanjut...
Awesome! May your blog be around for a long, long time. The subject matter is excellent!
thanks all
its ok mata if you want to use indonesian language.
hope your blog will last long time too
Happy (one month) birthday. You have a great blog and I am sure you will do very well in blogging. By reading your blog I can know much about children and teaching children. More than that I can think a lot about your entries.
Bets of luck.
By the way, I have a personal blog about East
Asian business and I mainly cover
China, Japan and Korea. I have written about Philippines and Malaysia too but I
have not touched about Indonesia yet. I will try to write about Indonesian
business soon. Happy birth day again.
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