Friday, May 12, 2006

6 minutes before tomorrow

Now Im sitting here, infront of my computer.
Im happy with sitemeter result today it counts 36 visits. Well good number for me, although there are many person got bigger number than me. From yesterday, im trying to do my best for this blog, I visits much blogs and make good post there. Hoping that everybody will visits mine too. Thanks God, you're coming here.

Still I have something to think in my head. Its about the Kids Camp again. Im not sure about what will happened at next Sunday ( the second meetings ). Honestly I fell anxious and always think there must be something wrong. But as I try the best for this blog, I also do it for camp. I know God will always with me and also with other who believe in Him.

Good night and have a nice dream my friend.
Goodluck for tomorrow.

where are you that it is "6 minutes before tomorrow"?

good to see your update!
Just wanted to post a thank you for visiting my blog. I'll be back to check out your future posts.
im from Indonesia shanon,
thanks great dane, I will update soon
Your blog's good. Hey maybe you must have read about the write and ping concept, Google sitemap stuff. It's helful.
thanks hobbit
come again
Don't be sad about sitemeter. What I touch is that your blog has good contents and it will grow over the time. As for me, I am a professional blogger- my profession is now blogging but your are a teacher. So, naturally, it will take time and secondly you have more comments than my blog.
Razib, honestly, you and Taz are my inspiration, and I hope I can become pro blogger too.
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