Sunday, May 07, 2006

Against Child abuse

This is a very hot issues lately since there are so many news about child abuse and child pornography. Child abuse, usually related with physical and psychological harm targeted to child. Physicall abused is like punching, kicking, hair pulling, etc. Psychological abused is like, dirty talk to kids, underestimate kids, abandonment, etc. As a teacher we must know about this and also aware about our kids condition. There is some several way to recognize the victim of child abuse.

1. Physical
This is the easiest way, observe the kid and if you find a scars or marks ( blue/red ) on observable body part it can be cause by physical abuse. You can ask about the scars or marks, asked it politely and make sure that you're not interrogating, show that you care. If it havent been take care, than you can get the first aid kit to help him/her.
The hardest one if the scars or marks occur in the unobservable body area ( behind clothes or skirts ). But you also can recognize this by kid's action, whether she/he moves in awkward or unusual. You can ask what happened to him/her. Better the person who asked is person with same gender.

2 Psychological
A little bit hard, but also it isnt impossible to know this area. If the kid didnt act as usual. Example : Usually John is very active, but today he looked sad and unmotivated. You can also seen this in his/her relationship with other friends. Usually the abused child dont get along with others and likes to be alone. Or the other extreme point they will make aggressive action ( blast his/her anger to others ). I know a boy who's been abused psychologically by his father ( his father dont want to claim him as his child ), the boy likes to say " I will hit all the girls with baseball bat ! ", and also a teenage girl that psychologically abused by her parents ( parents overprotective and always blame her on everything wrong ), there is a time when she said " I will pay someone to rape her ( her friend that she hate most ) ", and she likes to draw skull.

You can also observe when he/she plays with toys. In one truth example , the one with abused experience played the toys aggresively, a girl can put off her doll hand, or a boy that always make war story with his figurine. Also in the way of drawing, they can make their own experience when abused by drawing.

It isnt easy to get in to this kids heart or to make them trust you. First you must be their friend. Then slowly you can talk about this problem, dont get to the point, you can begun with neutral chat. Dont take them as an experiment subject! If you have get in to them, dont leave them, be with them whether the problem solved or not.

Second, try to solve the problem. You can work with their parent to solve it, or with other teachers. It will be hard if you work alone. If you know that the abuser is the parent or other family member, you can ask support from older people ( because often people younger than parent are being underestimate by them ) like senior teacher, principal, or leader of religious group ( priest ), psychologist or therapist.

If the case is caused by criminal action ( rape ) you can also ask help from police.

Protect them and make a better future
Because it is a fact that an abuser is a person who's been abused in their past.

Not all abusers have been abused in their past, therefore it’s not a fact. Any kind of abuse, physical, Emotional, Sexual or Neglect should be reported to the proper authorities.
sorry i didn't write correctly, i mean often abusers have been abused in their past.
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