Friday, May 05, 2006

Archetype II

As there are so many archetype in this world of human, im trying to continue my last post about archetype. I have read it from wikipedia and I think the explaination there are not far from mine. Doesnt mean that mine is level with Wiki.
Wiki says that " archetypes are innate prototypes for ideas and may be used to interpret observations "

Here are some more archetype :

4. Sidekick
Easier to be explain when i said Batman and Robin. Robin is the sidekick role here. He isnt the star here, but he will help the main role to get the mission accomplished. Often we positioned ourself as "robin", just want to help others but dont want to dominate. It is not bad to become just a secondman (woman). But after some sidekicking job, there is usually a time when we will got the main role. Sidekicks are very loyal person.
Example : Robin , Patrick Star ( Spongebob's friend ), Millhouse ( Bart's friend ), Hanoman ( from Ramayana Legend ), Guan Yu and Zhang Fei ( China ). In history, often the sidekicks didnt get they name written, we know Hitler but dont know his secondman ( woman ).

5 Princess
I think I dont write this objectively ( I've just got this idea when seeing two very beautiufull ladies sitting near me ). In almost every mythology, history or legend , the role princess will included there. Usually she is beautifull ( physically ), kindhearted and everybody likes her. And she has also charisma but not higher than Leader. Kind of person that make others compete to win her heart. Remember the story about Helen of Troy? some called this role as Diva.

Example : Lady Diana, Helen of Troy, Shinta ( from Ramayana Legend )

6. Entertainer ( Clown )
A funny role I think. People in this type is happy to entertain people, even they must make fool for themself. They can melt the icing situation. And usually can become a good opening for negotiation, but not for the process , as they are never get serious. They dont like fighting and just want to make everybody happy. Hard to become a big person but will easy to get into every people heart.

Example : Comedian, i dont know if any of their name written in history ( i mean this kind of people that life in history, there must be any of them , but I dont know who's Hitler clownie friend, or King Arthur's entertainer. Im sure there are people's like these on your life...

and this post will be continued to
Archetype III I will write about the "dark role"

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