Tuesday, May 02, 2006


What's this word mean?
well this is word that used by Carl Jung to defined personality. According to his theory all human in the world has the same general conscious. We can see it on all myth and legend in the world there must be same role appear. Role as a King, Hero, Princess, Wiseman, Mother, etc. There is Merlin ( in West Culture ) and there is also Zhuge Liang ( advisor from China, East ).

In our real life there is also archetype in each role

Leader :
Person who can lead others. He can make sure that other people will follow him/her. Primus Interpares, a human that lead or congquer others. Example : Napoleon, his body is small but he can lead big army also Hitler, he is not a big man.

Wise Man
Usually is an old man ( there is saying, the more old the more wise you are ). He likes to help other but live as a low profile person ( so its a bit hard to search for this people ). Also they dont like to directly face to face with problem, they prefer to give advice. Example : Zhuge Liang, from China, he is a wise and smart man. But he live in mountain and dont want to take part directly in war.

A person who appear when needed. Can lead others but only for a while. Dare to fight directly against problem. Prefer to work in small group or even alone. Example : Hercules, Three Musketeer. They work in small group or alone against enemy. Joan of Arc also a hero, she can lead army but can't or not the type to lead country.

I will continue this on later post
my friend coming now, and I must go!

Knowing the role will help you adjust yourself in your environtment.

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