Sunday, May 07, 2006

Back Again

Hi all!
Im back again to blogger world. Well its like been forever ....,
Today as usual I teached sunday school, then I must attend several meeting. The teachers camp meeting , also the monthly teachers meeting. Well Im tired but its ok. Anyway at the morning, I went to Sunday School as fast as possible.

Because I wanted to put flyer on every class on the building. Also I give the flyers to every teacher. The content of the flyer is giving information and approaching teacher so they want to support kids camp. I know thats not depend on my flyer but depend on God's will.

Here is the picture on flyer ( i cut the content, as the content is in indonesian language ). I made some change from World Cup 2006 Logo. Camp Anak 2006 means Kids Camp 2006, and Cimanggis is a name of a site near my city ( Jakarta ). The font on that flyer is Lord of the Ring Font, i take it from internet.

I put precious one on one of the circle. The meaning is ( as I write on flyer content ), that this camp is very important, and everybody needs to support this camp. This is not my camp but our camp that we do it for God's name.

Well come back to the world of blogging. Thanks for your nice comment in my blog too. I missed your nice comments and I'm very happy that you are back again to our world. Well, I have noticed one thing that you do not know much about your students. How are they growing?
also i know about them but i dont talk about them much in my blog.
they are well and happy today.

maybe someday i will talk about the kids.
Yes, welcome back mate. I want one of those stickers as well. Do you have a spare one for me? I am teacher too!
thats not a sticker Taz that is a flyer i print it in paper than photocopied it.
anyway its 00.43 here
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