Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Beauty simple little thing

Have a lot of work? get depressed?
Well me too, many things to think. My blog problem ( its flopping ), the kids camp, etc. Sure I want to get away from this as quick as I can. Many of my friend got stress because of their job ( with 12 working hours a day! ). Many of students also get depressed because the paper and homework is to much. This week , three of my friend got thypus ( caused by work overload ).

Is our life get bad and bad everyday?
Will we be like this for a whole of our life?
as a kid there is a bunch of homeworks and problems
as a teenage, you've got problem from friends and parents
as a youngster, you must do paper in university and doing part time job
as an adult you must go to work everyday
as an old person you must take care of children and take care of your day.

In Sunday School , the opening's song in my class is Good morning God and The Sun shining brightly of course we sang in Indonesian. The song is talk about God's care of us in everymorning. The sun still shining and birds singing. Flower blooming beautifully.

Many simple little thing we dont realize , and that things is so beautifull. The sun still shining for us, also oxygen is free. When you can enjoy this simple things, you can feel your life getting better. Watching the stars, ray of light through tree leaves, rainbow, etc. God still take care of the million stars and also he will take care your life.

Hey, you shouldn't feel that way. Your blog is not FLOPPING. You have a lot of great materials on there. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are not GOOD. I like the picture on your today's entry. It shows that you will see the tunnel at the end of the light. Just have FAITH, my friend.
wow Im amazed that you can talk serious Taz, thanks. I need my adversity quotion to work!
know about it?
to stand again when you're fall.
hey ..if you helped 1 person from this blog in your lifetime..your cup would runith over..

life can be beautiful and some will still fall..
we should not frown apon the blue eyed.,we should not frown apon the depressed...
thanks for the comment on the kids blog!!
the majority of the format is still the postal service...everyone loves mail!

thanks for the comment and visiting..
I like your blog. It's not a flop to me! I've never read a blog from a Sunday School teacher. It's interesting!
thanks I am trying to regain my confidence. Well im also doing simple thing like visiting everybody and commenting at them.

thanks again
I may always visit but I think that you've put alot of work into this. Hang in there.
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