Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today , my brothers borrow much comics from comics retail. Comics here mean japanese comic that translated to indonesian language. They brought so much comic about 10 books. Detective Conan, Kung Fu Boy, Prince of Tennis, Black Jack. I know it all, and I read it too.
Many parents dislike comic, they thought that comic only make their child become lazy and imaginative. We know that some comics have bad effect like, brutality, pornographic , use of drugs, etc. But mostly not, if you are a parent its easy to control your child comic, you should read it too.

Comic main character, brings some good message for me. Chinmi from Kung Fu Boy is a great kid with martial art talent. He fight for justice and he keeps himself low profile. Also in this comic show that Chinmi must work together with his friends to fight their enemy. There is never give up spirit shown by them. Although they must face enemy in much numbers.

On Black Jack comic, it show a young doctor's life. He life as a doctor that must experience the darkside of hospital. That many senior doctors do bad things to their patients. This young doctor, keep his idealism and try to change the bad things. He fight for the patients right. This comic talks much about humanity value.

Likes to have brain sport? Conan Detective is one of a good way for me. The story is so smart, and not boring one. Conan must try his best to reveal cases. There is some humour too. And as the previous comic, Conan also fight for justice, to hit the real badguys and freeing others from terror of murderer.

Sportsmanship, teamwork and again never give up spirit shown in Prince of Tennis comic. It talks about Seigaku Tennis team. They tried as hard as they can to win tournaments.

There must be comics to in your country. And I know you can find the best for your kids. Remember to avoid pornographic comic or only fighting comic.

Happy reading!

Here in the Philippines parents don't care what comics their children are reading. Most are happy when they see their children read, the content doesn't matter as long as they can read. Illiteracy and poor education is one of our main problems so getting a child to read instead of watching tv becomes quite a rewarding experience for most parents.
mata suka chinmi...kungfu boy ngikut yang 1 aja...yang ke 2 ngga,..chinmi yang breakhot juga ngikutin, trus chinmi yang kungfu tao juga ngikutin,.,,,...pokoknya pertama kali baca komik tuh karangannya takeshi maekawa
Actually, while I was growing up, parents felt that comics were a bad influence and led to violent or aggressive behavior. Heh, how times change.
well thanks for your responses.
A in philipine, many parents in indonesia also dont care what their children read, and it also not better than anti comic parent.

I will write about this on next post.
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