Sunday, May 28, 2006

Earthquake in Java : Citizens stay at chicken farm

The shortage of emergency tent , makes hudreds of people from Pentung village , Bantul, staying in chicken farm. All of the houses there are destroyed because of the Earthquake. They are eating and sleeping there, as shown in pictures. The biggest number of victims are from this area, Bantul, more than one thousand people die ( from all three thousands )

Telkomnet, as one of big internet provider in Indonesia, got their traffic down almost 40% in Jogjakarta.

picture taken from internet.

it's a very sad story and the pictures talk for themselves. Since you have access to indonesian websites more please post regular updates in this blog so that we can know about the current situation.
My prayer and the prayers of millions of people from around the world are with the victims.
It's so obvious that the Bush government is behind this. They have weapons that can cause tsunamis and earthquakes, and they have used this here to force these people to move to the chicken farm. Recently human to human transmission of bird flu was discovered in Indonesia. This is how the next plague starts.
A sad catastrophe. I hope people will still have the strenght to move on with their lives. So many lives are taken I pray that their souls rest in peace with the creator and I pray that more help would continue to come.
well things will get better soon, I hope, that peoples still needs more tents
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