Saturday, May 27, 2006

Earthquake in Java ( Indonesia ) : Crying victim

Hospital in Jogjakarta full of earthquake victims, picture is victim in Sardjito Hospital.

Citizens prefer to sleep outside their house ( in Bantul and Jogjakarta ), they are still trauma with the Earthquake, and afraid of coming soon Earthquake. And many others stay around Jogja Sultan's Palace. They believe that the Palace will give them more protection. They also believe that Sultan has magical power and can protect people ( there is many magical stuff inside Sultan's Palace, i know it when touring there some years ago ). Jogjakarta, historically is a safe against earthquake, but today it comes to Jogja and chrushed everything there.

One good thing is, the nuclear reactor in Jogja is still safe.

I am happy that you are ok through all this. I have also read through some of your blog here, and really enjoyed reading the simple things taht we can do in Sunday school!!

Thanks for visiting my blog!!
thanks a lot ruth
I'm glad you are okay!
Jogja berduka
Ibu pertiwi meluluhkan air mata
Indonesia menangis lagi

Thank God you're safe!!!
I hope there will be no other earthquake
My deepest condolence to all family victim. :(
syukur, untunglah Anda selamat. TURUT BERDUKA UNTUK SEMUA KORBAN
I read about the earthquake and it is tragic. My prayers go out to everyone.
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