Monday, May 29, 2006

Earthquake in Java ( Indonesia ) : New Blog Established

Hi there thanks for coming
Im sorry, if you come for info about Earthquake in Java, there is none of it will updated again here.Because this blog has different aim than giving information and news.

I've established a new blog with informational and news content. Especially news in Indonesia.

here is the address :

it will be updated daily
thanks for attention.

I am happy that you created the new blog about Indonesia. Please include business news too and also give some news about Indonesian culture and literature. I know that you do not have enough time for blogging but every hour you give you are getting benefited. I am sure that soon you will earn from adsense too.
thanks for your information Raz, well now im focusing on the hottest news. And if i have time i will add some business and culture topic.

im also keep balancing my blogging time with this sunday school blog.
I'll be there...;)...
I'll check this one out.
hello again hedgehog, I don't why when i click at the link you provided, i always end up in some strange landing site of ""
thanks for info
well i have the same problem too
i will repair this
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