Monday, May 22, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : be a role model!

Hi there, I’ve posted about Role Model and Modelling theory yesterday. And also I put Gandhi’s picture there. I don’t mean that all of us must become like Gandhi , Mother Theresa, Lady Diana or even Christ. It is good if you can become one of them, but all the big things firstly started from the small one. We can become a role model for our kids or children or students by doing simple little things.

Put litter in bin

Seeing litter in your class or environtment? Just pick it up and throw it to litter bin. Even the smallest piece of paper until dirty tissue, you can pick it up. Maybe kids will think you act strange ( to gather those dirty thing and put it in bin ). You can explain that this simple action is usefull for our environtment. In my country, doing this thing means preventing flood ( because flood happened because people littering everywhere, in sewer, river , etc, that will stopped the flows of water ). Also you can clean up your class by yourself, don’t just wait for cleaning service. I used to sweep my own class. So when other teacher want to use it , its already clean.

Don’t get into “it”

Often when you’re with student then on of you friend come in to talk to you. He/she can talk about dirty joke or just get angry and said dirty words. Even the joke is very funny, don’t give positive response, so kids know that dirty joke and dirty word isn’t good. Or you can warned your friends about that joke , you can just “shhh” or “we can talk about it later “. Then even you get angry, if he/she teasing you, don’t fight back with dirty word, just told him/her politely.

Come very early

Come early in the morning, set up the class well. This gives good model for kids. They know that you come early and not late. If you get late, it can be a reason for them to come late too, they can say “ you as the teacher can come late, why we can’t come late too? “. Coming early not just to prepare your own class, you can help prepare other class. I often seen kids from other class that come earlier before their teacher, then they prepare that class ! They arrange the sit , clean up whiteboard, etc. Usually I helped them and give praise for their attitude.

From this three simple things, you can add more. Maybe the modeling don’t take fast effect, kids can remember the model when they’re teens or adult. So as the bad model, they’re afraid will get punished if talk dirty, but when they’re adult, there is no one to afraid of.

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I totally agree. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference in the world.
NIce post. Yes, the chldren should be treated kindly and they will learn. I wish that my teachers read your blog when I was a school children. Well, many teachers study psychology but they do not follow it in their teaching. Write about it in future.
well sometimes we afraid to practice our knowledge, we're too afraid that others will see us as an extrimist or against the rule or tradition
In the Philippines, coming very early is always a problem. Maybe teachers here forgot to teach this element of being a role model to their students. They really need to read blogs like this.
here too nep, much of my fellow teacher come late too.
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