Tuesday, May 16, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Encouraging Soldier

For kids in early age, entering class is like entering a strange battlefield. This happen most for kids at 2-7 years.
Entering class with unknown people inside it, without parent beside them, different environtment, etc. He/her sometimes will try as hard as possible to keep theirself in the "secure zone", they will pretend too hold their parents arm and dont want to enter class. Or just crying as loud as possible. But the battle must begun Sir!

Come to him/her
Dont just standing numb in your class. Get outside and come to the crying kid. Tell them that its ok to entering class. The class if fun, also the kids are great. Make him/her believe you. Ask what are they afraid ? then give the right answer. Example : I want to be with my mother, then you can answered, Thats ok, mom will watch you from the window, and everything gonna be alright. If you pretend like this, your mom will sad.

Make sure the situation inside is great!
Let them take a look at the class from window or outside. But you must told the kids inside to act polite and greet the new comer. Open the door and instruct the kids to greet, Example : Welcome to our class ! or just Hello, good morning, please come inside. It will be better if one of the kids inside want to come outside and encourage the new comer.

Give reward
You can give sticker or keychain to lure him/her. But dont do it if you dont try as hard as you can.

Let the parents guide
If the kid still dont want to be separated from his/her parent, you can let the parents enter your class. Then you can do some shaping technique, week 1 ( sunday school ), parents can get inside, week2, they just looking from outside, week 3, try to let the kid alone.

In handling this situation, you must also calculate the time. If you're the only teacher , then give yourself about 5 minutes to take care this case. After the time is up, then let the parent decide whether they will back to their house or they want to try hard to encourage their kid and let you go inside to teach the other kids.

I love the ideas you have. I could never even help with my kids classes. I tried once but it was a disaster. Thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone so we can all learn from you.
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