Wednesday, May 10, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Facing Anxiety

Right now Im feeling unwell about the Kids Camp planned by sunday school. I havent got any progress report. I know that there must be patience to do a thing. But still there is a part of myself that feel not good. Everybody must have feel this way too. Feel afraid, anxious or stress. According to Freud's term, our unwell feeling is because of something he called anxiety.

There are types of anxiety :

When you face the real danger, like meeting tiger in the woods or your plane is being hijacked. The threat source is real , it can be seen and very realistic one.

Anxiety happened when your spirit feel quilty because you've done something unethic. Or when seeing somebody does that. Hit kids with hand or newspaper, then you will feel guilty of what you've been done. Many person do suicide because of this type of anxiety, the example is Judas from Bible.

It doesnt mean that you get crazy. The cause of this type of anxiety is our fear of something external of our control. You're afraid of something that havent come yet or havent been seen. Im now feeling this way, I have done many things for preparing the camp but still I feel there must be something wrong.

People can face anxiety or fear with two way. Flight or Fight
You can withdraw yourself against problem and try to forget it. Or doing another things you like. The second option is to face it with a tough face.
It isnt bad if you must fligt for awhile. Then returning when you're ready to fight. Realistic anxiety , for me, is the easiest one to be solved. Because everthing is clear and can be seen. You can make quick decision, will you fight the tiger or just run away.
Facing moral anxiety is like facing your own heart. Just try to forgive yourself and let the past be the past. Neurotic one is the hardest, we dont know where is it come from.

But also you can fight it, just relax, think possitive, and get that bad sounds out from your head. Remember you are you! Dont let evil sound banging on your head, take control of your life and let the neurotic sound be gone.

Good luck my friend!

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Well, anxiety is a thing that will be your companion forever. I am not an expert on it but what I feel is that people should a lot of poetry and novels and this way their mind can be busy
yes its one of the way to reduce it. Way to reduce anxiety is called defense mechanism.
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