Sunday, May 07, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Got the Power!

Well after waiting for several days , now im ready to write about this. I have been annoyed a bit, because of the internet connection problem, but now its ok.

I have seen a teacher who can control well the class athmosphere. He also can make all the students listen to him well, without being a tyrant. When he enter the class, the students will be happy, but they still respect him. I have also seen a teacher that can teach well, have a good physical style but cannot control the class well.

Sometimes I can control the class well but sometimes not.
Power here not only about controlling the class, but also usefull for communication with others, and the higher your power the better you are. I have seen Joan of Arc movie, there a scene when Joan come alone in battlefield any she told her enemies ( in a big troops ) to go back to their homeland or they will be killed. None of enemy soldier to come forward or hit her with arrow. Then they turned their horse and go back home.

1 Know yourself
After making a self evaluation, you can recognize some of your talent and also your weakness. Then you can learn to increase your talent and closing the weakness. Improving talent is better than minimizing weakness. A very talented person ( in a field ) will make him/her got power, and people usually dont bother with his/her weakness. Because some weakness sometimes cant be change, especially if its a psychological/physical dissability.

2. Know your aim
You must set up goal in everything you do. You must know about why you do that things, why you teached sunday school? If you have the right motivation then you can gain your power too as motivation will related to your action. Often good motivation will related to good action too and people likes good action. Don't have aim means you're walking in the middle of nowhere and just doing your job without fighting spirit. You do the ministry or job just for killing time...., you wont produce good quality.

3 Integration
Means there is no Jekyl and Hyde. You are you and there is only one you. Dont be a two face people, you're a saint when teaching or when in school, but doing bad things outside. I know that we are not always be a clean people, but we should try. When you act as double agent, you will feel quilty when you act as the saint. Maybe you can still be a good actor, but the content and spirit is blank. And somedays your mask will revealed.

There is a woman that have good power and get much respect. She got all of this because her talks and her action is congruence. She talks about bible and she do what it said.
And I know a man that always talking about good program but he didnt do anything. Many of my friend talks about him behind.

Once you can increase the quality your own self, the power will be increased automatically. I will still write the continuation.

Teaching is the msot challenging work in the world. You have to try for catching the attention of the students and it is very difficult. I try to give students a lot of freedom in my class.
yes i know, we must also know about human development. My student's age is about 6-7 years. So they still need much guidance, but also I give them freedom, usually at the activity program
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