Friday, May 12, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Kids Fight! ( Prevention )

Begun with joking, then mocking each other. Tension grew hot, and one of the kids hit another with a hook, then the sparring partner give him a kick. Fight! One or two friends join the brawl, and its just like watching WWE ( world wrestling entertainment ). Teachers become panic and shouting. It will be complete if parents enter the class to help their kids and blaming teacher.

Well, this is real and can happen anytime. And it has destructive effects, maybe there will be revenge , angry or your class will turn upside down as the things falling everywhere. The atmosphere become unwell and other who didn't join fight wont have comfortable class. Parents wont trust the teacher anymore.

You as a teacher, can have reason like " things happen so fast " or " I didnt see that " or just " sorry I'm careless ". Im sure that all of us dont want any kinds of fighting happen in our class. There are some tips to prevent this :

Don't let the fire spreading
If you seen a kid begin to tease other, warn him/her. Give a serious warn, if you dont do this, he/she can make things become worst or other kids will do the same thing ( as they see that they will be ok doing so ). When giving warn you must call his/her name , example : "Billy, dont do that again, its not good ", dont say " You, dont do that ". When you said his/her name, he/she know that you warn him. There is less identity conscious with saying only you and you.

Don't mix cat and dog
If you already now that Mary and Jullie cant be friendly each other, then don't place them near. Give them a good distance, 3 or 4 chairs. Let some neutral kids separate them. And you must aware if one of them coming toward another ( often this happen, a kid coming toward another to use hit and run tactic, he/she coming fast to enemy place than give fast hit/tease then comeback again to their chair ).

Don't mix the "gangster"
Some kids cant be mixed together not because they're not friendly each other. But because they can make partner in crime with his/her gang. A gang of kid's ( with same thought to fight or tease other ) are more dangerous.

Placing guard
Tell your sidekick or partner to keep an eye to some potential troublemaker kid. Place him/her near that kids. This is one of the most effective way to reduce "riot".

Always keep an eye
You and your partner must always keep an eye on what the kids doing. Many problem come because you're not aware, or the kids are not in your view area. If you keep an eye on them, then you can have fast reaction against trouble.

Working together task
Giving a task that can be done together is a good way to make them be friend each other. And you must praise the teamwork. Make sure that the task can be done by kids, but to finish it needs helps or support from all of the group members.

Pray before the class begin. Pray that God will protect the class and lessons can running well.

Told them about love, living together, care with other will also the best way to put good seed in their heart.

Nice article
I think all parents and all sunday school teacher must read your blog
Wonderful tips you have here. I read some of your other posts too.

thanx for your comment.
yovindra, i hope they will come here
thanks fanta , please come again
You have a WONDERFUL blog site. If I may, let me give you a bit of advice, for what it's worth. Your "From Zero to a Hero" could be worldwide. It's a natural. It's wonderful. But for me, "From Zero to Hero" (without "to a") has a more flowing sound, for what it's worth. By the way, you should Copyright or Trademark that catchphrase before someone else does. It's PERFECT!
In addressing my earlier comment, I must make a correction. What I meant was, "From Zero to Hero" has a better flow (in my language, anyway, which is English), rather than "From Zero to "a" Hero" (without the "a").
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