Tuesday, May 16, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Kids Name

" Billy, answer the question please ", then the boy just mute. " Ok Billy, dont be afraid, nobody will laugh at your answer " you try to encourage him. But still the kid go on his silent mode. " C mon, you can do that Billy ", you said again. Then one of the kid give you a good answer " He is not Billy, he is Ricky ".

Experience like that often happen when we just started a new class. And it can be worse if you still dont remember kids name until half of the semester. There is some way to make it easier

Let them Introducing
When started a new class, let the kids introduce themself. Not you who read their name from a list. Let them stand and said their name , one by one. You can let them added some information such as house, pet, etc. After that you can guess their name one by one, act like this is a guessing game. Kids also can involved, example, you point at one of the kids and ask " Ok kids, who is her name ? ". You can do the name guessing game for 2 weeks ( in sunday school )

This is a memorizing technique that use a word related to the subject. Memorize, just name only can be a bit hard example : Joan, Andrew, Ron. But if you add some information, it would be more easier, and you could just know their name by words you chunk to their name. The add on word can be related to their physical or their attitude. Example Blue eye Joan, Silent Andrew, Short Ron, etc. But remember to said this formula in your head only.

Name Tag
You can create name tag for them. This is the most helpfull tools. After giving the name tag, order them to write their name on the name tag. But dont just depen on these name tags, because you must know their name to when they]re not wearing name tag ( if you meet them outside school ).

You can do this at activity time. You can call their name one by one, and checked at the name list. When calling their name, you must also see who the person you call, so you can remember, not just read and check.

Dont be sad if you cant memorize kids name on your first week. It needs time for your brain to process it. Have a good time!

Oh my! I remember kids being called the wrong name in school. Good tips Mr. Hedgehog!
i wrote it based on my experience, calling the wrong name, and also warning kids with wrong name.
I agree with you. It is not only abut kids but also for the grown ups too. I taught in the university level for 4 years and that time I noticed that if I could remember the name of a student then they got happy.
Oh seems you are having a nice blogging ability.
Remembering names is important. Remember mine it's Mixed Salad Annie
Oops..Forgot the link
Mixed Salad Annie
ok annie i will remember your blog too
come here regulary.
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