Saturday, May 13, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Make Friends

As a teacher and sunday school teacher, we are not alone there. We works with other. There are another teachers around us, and ready or not, we must have good relationship with them. Not only with senior teachers but also with the newbies. I divide the teachers into 4 groups, senior, middle, same class, and newbies.

Senior teacher, usually called as the legendary one. People give much respect to them They may be the first one or the founder of the school. Have good experience and broad knowledge. And they are very aware of rules, tradition and organization. Their weakness is, sometimes they dont moves with modern technology, dont know how to email or using computer. Dont get trouble with them, because they're a bit stubborn and it is a waste of time to fight against legend.
Help them if they have some problem with technology, but don't make them embarassed. I help a senior teacher to use microsoft excel, and she appreciated so much. Also they will be happy if you want to know about rules and the school organization. In a teamwork, give them simple but honorable work such as leading prayer, giving foreword, or as evaluator.

Teachers with more years experience. Still have good amount of energy. There are various type of this middle class. Some with a revolting mentality, usually in small number, always fight against the old rule. Some with "let if flow" mentality, dont want to get into trouble and just follow majority. And a little amount of leader. The leader group is a good group to become friend, as they like to get follower. But also, you must make friend with the "rebel", they are very loyal and helpfull , as they want you so badly to join them ( because of their small amount ). One of the weakness of leader is, they have many good ideas, but dont want to work fo it, they only depend on young teacher to do it. They likes to create concept. So if you want to get good program concept or fresh idea, you can ask them.

Same Level
Here is the same level teacher with you. They started to work in same year with you. They can be your very good friend, as both of you have same feelings. But trouble or relationship problem often happen with this groups of teacher. As you are the same level opponent! So , watch yourself and always be nice to them. Someday you and your same level will lead the school or organization. The better your relationship at this time, the more benefit you get in the future.

Usually the very fresh comer. They are still new and "clean". Also still have good spirit. You can be their guidance. But dont make fool of them, because someday they also will grow bigger. They are very helpfull and want to do much job. Give them simple or physical job. Dont give them hard or serious conceptual job. There is a bad culture in sunday school by giving much job or leader position of a program to new comer. If they get stress, then they will quickly get retired.

My conclusion is, we must make friend with other. But we must also control our word and action against them. Dont use to cool or hot words with senior, as dont use serious mimic with the newbies.

Late night writer also... hahaha... very good thoughts... my grandfather is a pastor and my grandmother is a sunday school teacher, so I feel ya....
well thanks
so you're living in a christian life, I know sometimes you get bored with that kind of life.
But you're the lucky one to have family that guide you. My parents still not a christian.
You know, hedgehogman, I gave your website a rave review. I spent time trying to give you good advice. You didn't even bother to respond. You are, like Taz, a whore for attention for your website. You will never get anywhere trying to suck up to almost anyone who has a blog site to share.
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