Tuesday, May 09, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Move Move Move!

Darting here than dashing there. Often you need to do things like this. You must go to one class then as fast as you can , you must go to other class. Well I do it also in sunday school and in chess teaching. And sometimes the action scene not only from class to class but to allover building from the ground 'till the 3rd floor. And it will be very hot action in an event such as Easter or Christmas. I usually on the equipment department, so I must control all the equipment and situation there.

Honestly a lot of energy will drain and we will get very tired after this. And there is a risk that you can get accident. So, we need reflex, stamina and pace. And this will be usefull in everyday life, I sometimes must run after a bus to catch it. Or run to school because im late.

Do sports in minimum twice a week will helps you increase your physical skills.

1. Cardio
Which means a form of sport that will increase your stamina and strengthen your heart. Example of this one is running or jogging. Its very simple and cheap. Running or jogging around. In doing this thing, dont be to hurry or overconfident. Just keep the pace stable, its ok to run slow for one hour than running fast but only last for ten minutes. Control your breath so you wont waste it. Swimming is also a good choice. Want to know Bruce Lee's secret? he is doing rope jump everyday for one hour, and according to him, rope jump is 3 times effective than running.

2. Body Power
Get the physical power through muscle training. Train your muscle and you can lift heavy things. You can train your muscle with dumbell. Same with the cardio training, dont be to hurry, just lift from the light weight ( 2kilos or less ) , after you done well with the light one, you can increase the weight.

Sit up and push up is the cheap one. You can do it without buying sports equipment. One of my friend who is being Indonesian Idol ( the Indonesian version of American Idol ) do sit up 25 times on morning.

3 Games
Playing sport games such as soccer and basketball is a good way to. It will increase the cardio side and a little bit of power. And the most important, this will increase your reflex too, because you use most part of body to play the games. And its fun also. You can get more friend here, and you can do it more routine than training by yourself.

Here is an example of training menu :
45 minutes cardio ( running )
30 minutes power
- 20 push up x 2
- 25 sit up x 2
- weigtlifting , 15 x 3 ( for each right and left body )

You can add more menus or you can decrease the number, its according to your condition now. And there is one thing you should not forget :

WARMING UP before doing sports.

lets MOVE!

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