Monday, May 29, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Patience

I wrote the post below last week, when the connection is down at netcafe. And Im thinking to post it now, but same as last week the internet is down again now. Well if the internet going well, I will post it, because reading this again make me feel better. Here is what I wrote last week :

Right now I just really want to get angry. But still I can handle this feeling. The internet is so slow here, and I've got bad result on my blog meter. Only 10 peoples comes up. Remembering that this evening I must finish the informational letter about kids camp ( which acctually this isnt my job, but I must handle this because she got sick ), I have no problem with doing this. But thinking about the short time to finish it make me feel unwell.

In situation like this there is some tips :

Take a deep breath

Well ,I've got better by doing this repeatedly. The explanation is , when taking deep breath, big ammount of oxygen entering our bodies, which mean it increase oxygen and blood flow to brain. With more oxygen in brain, your brain can think more clearly. I keep doing this, yes it will be a weird things, but its better than get mad in this net cafe. This is usefull too, if you want to get angry in class, just do this thing first, and try to think clearly. Don't let your negative emotional state ruin your class.
Positive thinking

Think about the positive side. Well the internet is slow, so I have time to write article, not keep browsing everywhere. And one of the good thing is I've got idea for write this article. And about the letter business, well at least I can learn how to write formal letter for parents. Maybe someday that skill will be usefull.

Try to think logically. Get mad and shouting at the net cafe's owner wont change the internet speed. Just sit down and wait, isnt a good idea too, but it wont be troubling. When you think logically you can find the reasonable answer. If you angry with kids, you can hit them, but the result will be bad. A young chessmaster said " Don't move until you see it " ( Josh Waitzkin ), means that always look for the best move.

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Hey, do you still need help installing a new template? If so, let me know buddy.
hi Taz thanks for your help, I've replied your msg in forum
Patience is always the key to everything. When you're not patient and do not keep calm at all times, you're always bound to a fight such as the politicians here in our country.
yes that old people gives bad model for us the young people
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