Sunday, May 21, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Power of a Model

who? Kate Moss?
No, I mean a role model. Be a role model means that your action will always be observe or seen by other, and in the school context , all of your action as a teacher ( or maybe as person ) will be observe by children and other teacher. If you do something bad, for example, talking dirty infront of children , than kids will copy that action and paste it in their brain.

Learn from model, usually called modelling or observational learning, is the part of Bandura's study in social learning. Bandura using experimental method in his study, he lets chilldren observe a kid that playing with doll ( called Bobo doll ), the kid ( as a model ) then play roughly with the doll, the doll been hit and kick. After some time, Bandura, let the children to play with Bobo doll too, the result is, the children play it roughly like the kid before. The result is reversed when , the model take good care with Bobo doll. Other variations is by giving reward and punishment, seeing the model get punished because rough play will decrease children's will to copy that action.

Reading the paragraph above, we should know how to positioned ourself. Dont do bad things infront of students ( the best is dont do bad thing ). Also we learn about social learning here. Give reward to good model will make other copy that nice action , example : Bill can memorize the verse well, then give him a praise, children who seen this will copy Bill's action. Another example : Joey hit Ron with book, you must act quickly warn him, then other kids dont want to do that too because they have seen their friends get punishment.

The picture in this post is Mahatma Gandhi, from India. He's got many followers till now, because he is a great role model, he fight for justice with peacefull way. Gandhi, also know about Bible, but he get very upset when Christian people ( in India at that time ) still valueing people by race, if all Christian can be like their model ( Jesus ) then the world will become a nice place to live.

Very nice blog and some great ideas for working with kids!
I will update this regularly, hope you find something usefull here
I like Buddha a lot. Acutally, I believe that Gautom Buddha was too much ahead of time. gandhi was deeply influenced by Buddha too.
Hedgehog, today I gave your blog's link to another blog and I hope you get some hits.
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ok thanks, i will told them then,anyway blogfam is in indonesian language
Its hard to be a role model all the time, because we're only human. Maybe that's why there are so few great men who serve as influential role models through out mankind's history.
yes i agree with you, but we can struggle so we can be the one of that greates few human
thanx for coming on my blog. You were the first!
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