Wednesday, May 10, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Sidekick isnt bad

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at my some previous post I wrote about archetypes, one of it is role as a sidekick. Role as the secondman(woman) , role as Robin ( Batman ). Dont be sad or loose confidence if you become "just a sidekick " . Well before becoming a teacher ( who can teach at sunday school class ), i played role as a sidekick teacher. As a new teacher I've been put in "very very need teacher class". There are 3 teachers on that class , 2 is gone, and another one can't come regularly.

So I, as a new teacher was place in that class with subtitute teacher. And the subtitute teacher is always rotate everyweek, so Im sidekicking about 5 teachers. Yes 5, and need some adaptation to doing so.

Well at first time I'm a bit confuse but later I took some advantage from this condition

Benefit from sidekicking :
You can learn about the first hero style. You can observe her/his style. How he/she handle the kids, the situation, others. Dont be shy to ask from them. But dont just be their clone, you must also filter the negative side of them and put it out from your style. I learn from 5 teachers, each of them have their own talent, one is very motherly, one is very discipline, one is with young style, one is good at singing, one is very brotherly and patient. But every of them has their weakness.

Always got back up
If the first teacher is good, he/she can back you up against problem in class. As the first teacher now, I always ready to help my sidekick if she has problem. Whether the problem with kids or with other teachers, or even with parents!.

Idea sharing
Their ideas ( idea from main teacher ) usually is a good one, you can keep it and save it in your memory. You will need that ideas when you grow up as a main teacher.

Things to remember :
Remember to help the main teacher, and try to back up as hard as you can. Dont think that you're just a junior and not need to have responsible. Sometimes when I was sidekicking I took the role as main teacher for a few minutes, because the main teacher is late. Always think to become main teacher too, dont just satisfy becoming a sidekick

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I started as a side kick (Assistant teacher in a universtiy) and I did like your job. Well, I think that being a side kick you can learn a lot from your main teacher but you get into some problems too. FOr example, I always try new things in my classroom and give a lot of freedom to my students (compared to asian countries).
well , also if the main teacher isnt a good one, then you wont got much. But you can also get benefit, since your help is more needed.
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