Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From Zero to a Hero : Small Gift

What is your talent ?
Many of us get confused in answering this question. I can sing ,but only with so so skills, also draw, teach, write, etc. You feel that you're just normal person with average overall skills, nothing important with yourself. You're not American Idols or great politician. Thought like this seems to haunting us and if we keep it like this, it will ruin our confidence.
( Matt Murdock is blind man, but he's got his own talent )

Maybe We should realized some simple gift like these :


Well being a comedian is hard, and its happen on some shows here in my country. They're trying to make people laugh, but then the audience just keep silent. Guess what? yes, that clown will be kicked out from their job. But for people who get gift to make joke, its very simple for him/her, just by unprepared style, people will get entertained. If you can make people laugh or entertain people, then its just a step away to make the world a happy face.

Super Soft Motoric Skills
Knit? watch repair?
I cant do that small tiny bity things. And I think most people dont want to get involve on that things. But if you have great soft motoric skills, you can do much on that little things. My friend can repair chess clock and chess board that crashed a lot. I think he's got some magic fingers, for me and other maybe just think to buy another one. This skill also usefull in making craft for activities in school. Many that dont have this skill just give photocopied activities ( coloring, drawing, etc ).

Have seen people like these? keep critics on other. But I know some good evaluator. They have good point of view and can tell us whats wrong. And also give some solution. If you've got this skill then you're ready to become Idol's judge. Evaluator have great role in my Sunday School, person in this type keep disciplining other. They done this to keep the quality of Sunday School.

Well you can find more unique skills like animal tamer ( person who can get closed with animals, even with snakes ), quick hand ( you can be an illusionist ), sensitive tongue ( know people that paid for food tester or wine tester ? ), etc

God give it all for us to do nice work, so find it develop it and use it for our God. Dont waste it!

nice blog!

Cheers, Rohit
thanks come back regularly
i will always update
This is cute! I don't have any talents. I can burp...
Talents. I know my talent is to write, write senseless things. Talking also, talk about nonsense and garbles. Just kidding. I know I can draw and do some animation stuff in flash and imageready.
My Talent is to ride my bicycle:P
well, all of you must have talent, search it you'll find it.
My talents? Writing, singing, working with HTML, all sorts of things.
nice talents panda
dont waste it!
I can just two things well- read and write. I am crazy for information and I am crazy for writing. I can teach too and I enjoy teaching too and I think teaching is realted to reading and writing.
i know it Raz, and your writings in southasiabiz is great and i always like it
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