Friday, May 19, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Holding Hands ( Activities )

Tools :
Scissors, Pencil , Paper

First Step : Cut paper into horizontal form, then fold it ( x to x )

Second: fold until the smallest form/square

third :Draw the pattern, half man pattern or you can also draw woman pattern
after that you can cut around the pattern, remember to only cut the line. Dont cut the unpatterned!

Here is the result of the cut, left is the sample of result after you cut pattern, right pic is the result after opening it. You can make various pattern to create various result too. After getting the holding hands picture, you can draw their faces or clothes. This is very simple and easy. You can use this activities in lesson about peace, caring each other, etc.

hiya... lucunyaaaaa...

(saya simpen halamannya biar langsung dipraktekin)
A cutting that I have left behind many years...
Easy and nice...
Tanks for showing it pictures. I am terrible at this kind of thing. It is very interesting that from childhood I am terrible at drawing and arts but was good in creative writing.
you can try it its very easy
but still i cant draw the pattern well, if you look at it carefully, the head is to big
hi there- thanks for your comment on my blog. i like what you have done here too- very interesting stuff. i like indonesia- went there last year for a holiday, i must go back there one day! see ya
Yes you can get back here, and also can observe the sunday schools here.
macem origami yah...tapi ngga tau itu dikategorikan apa ? abisnya emang kelihatannya seni ngelipat kertas dari japan sono
this isnt origami
just simple fold and cut
you can try it, believe me its easy
Very interesting, i could use it with my kids. Thanks for visiting my blog.
This is a cute exercise, twin. I could use this lesson plan with my elementary children. Since children have short attention spans, they will love this hand-on activity. Thank you for sharing. I have been out all weekends. I am moving out of my house to a new apartment. :-) I will keep you posted.
I've done this a lot of times already, especially during parties, but i use crepe paper instead and the pattern I use are stars.
i can't understand what you said in my comments section. :) can u explain a little further...? thanks

my comment?
which one?
you can give the url
i've search it in your blog but dont find my comment there
You should post more lessons like this.
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