Monday, May 15, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Ice Breaker!

How to melt the ice?
Put it in hot athmosphere, then it will melting soon. Same with kids, you must know them and memorize their name and their face. But this isnt enough, although you know them, but some situation sometimes make them so cold or sleepy. This happens especially at morning, when you teach morning class, you can find some kids are unmotivated. Maybe they still want to sleep or their parents force them to come to Sunday School while they're still watching cartoon.

Ice Breaker is a technique to melt down the cold situation, and make happier condition in class or in relationship. Usually we use games for Ice Breaker. Games must involve kids movement, more movement is better, their body will get warm, blood will arise to brain also oxygen, and this make them more fresh.

Some Ice Breaker games :

Kids sit in circle, then teachers spin around his body , and said Tornado come to kids that wear shoes . After that , kids who wear shoes must substitute sits. Example : Maria, Jane and Rocky wear shoes, then all of them must run to others place, Maria to Jane's chair, Jane to Rocky's chair and so on. You can variate it by saying : Tornado come to kids who have red color in their shirt ( although they wear white shirt, but if there is a red stripes there, they must change their sitting posisition ). Say the words for about 3-4 times, until the kids mixed.

Follow the Coach
Pretend to be a commander of soldier. The game is simple, use flute ( that used in sport games ), give some code first to the kid. Example : Short whistle means stand, twice means sit, long whistle means jump, etc. Also you can said : Are you ready for today? lets see your reflex!. Make it fun!

Hidden Treasure
Hide a things like key or something related to subject. Then give 5 minutes for kids to find it. Hide it outside the class will be better, and even good if you give them the maps. Make sure that this game not disturbing other class.

The games above are the games that me and others teacher used in sunday school. You can find more Ice Breaker game in internet, because Ice breaker not only for kids but it can applied to in many occassion.

I like the 'ice breaker' techniques. I am not a teacher but these games would be still fun to do when the kids get bored or even at parties. Thank you for visiting my blog regularly. I appreciate your comments.

Sorry you couldn't take part in the handmade gift offer but maybe you can use the idea to make something similar with the children.

Best wishes....Bernie
thanks a lot
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