Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Introduction ( simple technique )

How to make a fun self introduction?
You can make a simple quiz, the quiz aim is to guess your name. Example : Your name is Lucky, then write five line in whiteboard like this _ _ _ _ _, then you can said, my name is form by five letter. Let them said the letter, if they said a, then answer, no there is no a. If they guess c, then write c, _ _ c _ _. And so on. If its to difficult, you can give a hit about the first letter or the last letter.

This simple quiz can be used to introduce new students to all, or to introduce the character or things you want to explain in the lesson ( example : Jonah, Fish, etc ).
Using this technique can attract kids to focus on you and your name. They are lure to guess your name and try to get right letter. And they will remember your name easily, because their brain try to get it ( there is interest factor ).

Other technique is with some variation
still with example Marie, then write five lines _ _ _ _ _
after that, told them that each of line consist of one letter, the letter is the first letter of what you will draw. Draw Moon below first line then, Apple below second line, Rose below third line, Ice cream below fourth line, Egg below fifth line.

This can be used if you've got times and the kids is bigger.
have a nice introduction!

the sign is a joke but the post is true.
Guess what, mate? Superman is coming to theather this summer. I can't wait!
Good advice, as a teacher myself (though I teach older kids) You give some great tips
anyway the sign is a good introduction, remain some mystery so people get attracted
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