Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Lets Drawing ( Faces/Emotion )

Hi All!
Its me again! Sorry not to write for a day. Well I'm a bit busy with registration for Master's program and I also busy with kids camp planning. But now I'm back!.
Today I'm posting about how to draw simple picture. Simple picture, means picture that can be drawn quicly, not the artfull one. This kind of picture will help us when we need to put illustration for Sunday School story or school lesson. There is time when you need to quickdrawing on whiteboard or board.

The tips than I want to share is first about drawing faces. Its very easy one. Faces of human picture has emotion, and the emotion can be played by the various eyes and mouth form.

1. Draw the base, two circles with dot
2. The eye line can be inside or outside the circles.
3. / this line mean sad eye
4. \ this line mean angry or brave
5 ^ ^ this line, inside circles means happy
6 example of various emotion shown by eyes
7 Mouth form, from left to right, happy, unhappy, confused
8 Various faces, happy and brave, happy face, unwell face.

Hope this will be usefull, and it will be used also in animal or plants emotional face.
Have a nice drawing!

Hey Mate, how are you? I have been really down the past few days. My boss got fired from her job yesterday. I got really bored at work today, so i started to redesign my website. I am really sad right now. What should I do? Should i quit my job and find another one? I need advice. I want to be loyal to my ex-boss.
This was cute. Nice post!
thanks panda, you can try to draw it, Taz I will pm you at forum
Sorry to hear about your sadness Taz. Hoping that your new boss is not bad either.
Hedgehog, how was your registration? Could you finish it or you have to give more time?
yes i've finished it but I must be tested first to enter the master's program, the tests will be held on 1-3 July
emmm....face smile yah...
mata dulu suka banget gambar gambar gitu....mungkin lebih mirip sama fido dido...
this is the easiest, so everybody can draw it.
hihihi.. it reminds me of my childhood
Hi ge, welcome to my blog
Thanks for the comments on my blog, I'm still a newbie at this game. Did you get to have a look at my website
Hi hedgehog, you said it, simple sticks and circles can easily portray emotions. The same goes with your key board too: ex. :0 :) :( ;p :b :>
yes of course neeps, I made this so teacher, educator and parent can teach their children easily
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