Friday, May 26, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Lets Drawing , Butterfly

Hi there!
This is the second drawing tips. Butterfly is a beautifull animal and kids will like it, because butterfly dont bite anyone. And also it has nice color. You can use this step by step tips to create butterfly picture with students or your children. I know that this will be very easy for yourself, but not for kids. Don't just give them the complete butterfly picture to copy, but show them how to create it step by step. The hardest part is creating the wings, its like making number 3. But its also the best part to color.

Here is my step by step :
1. Create the base body
2. Give lines in it
3. Create the right wing first, its like making number 3
4. Create the left wing, if you can create the right, the left one would be easier.
5. Gives eyes, you can insert emotion ( read my previous post )
6. Create the antenne
7. Decorate the wings you can draw circles or anything there

I draw happy butterfly here. You can make variation for Sunday School or kids activities by creating big butterfly then kids can color it with mosaic stlye ( by sticking small piece of color paper to its wings )

Hope this can be usefull

Can i steal this lesson plan from you? My children can definitely take advantage of this activity. They love hands on materials. Anyway, I am glad you had fun shopping yesterday. Shopping is one of my sepecialities.
yes everybody can copy this lesson plan. I shared it so it can be usefull for everyone. Nice to hear that you're ok Taz
I read about the earthquake in Indonesia. I found that your city is ok so I think you are fine but what about your relatives and friends? I hope they are fine. Please write a post about the earthquake.'s a nice postings you have here. I also like to teach children but I didn't have the chance to make it real job for me. Nice writings, hedgehogman!
ok Raz I will write about it
Im ok here
Thanks for sharing this, I am going to use with my kids.
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