Friday, May 19, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Simple activities

Just want to share idea about some simple activities. Simple here doesn’t mean low in quality. It means everybody can make it, but maybe just don’t get this idea. These activities, don’t need much tools, you can make it by paper and pencil or even without any tools. So, get ready to write this down.

Secret Code

Want to make a verse become interesting to learn ? or want children to remember important message ? Often I used this technique. Just write some code for each letter , example a = ?, b = $, c = * , d = !, e = + , f= [ , g = ] , and so on ( you can change the code with more interesting symbol like triangle, square, heart, etc ). Then you can write the words, example : bed , write it = $+!. This activities can be done by kids at minimum age 8.

Acting Quiz

You must prepare the acting task. Write it on small papers, example : Act as praying Jesus or act as the good Samaritan. Then call one of the kid to take paper randomly, he/she just read it in mind. After that he/she must begun to act, only act without sound, and the others kid must guess.You can make this as groups games too, or make competition between groups.

Glass of Mission

Again, put simple some task ( that written in small papers ) in a glass or bowl. Then instruct the kids to make circle ( sit forming circle ). Kids must pass the glass to each other, do this with singing. When you say “stop”, then they must stop singing, and kid who hold the glass must take one of the mission paper. The mission could be one person mission or groups mission , Example : Sing a Christmas Song together with one friend at your left and your right side.

Last Kid Sitting

Form circle from chairs, but you must take one of the chair first ( If there are 15 kids then just form 14 chairs ). Then kids must move around the chairs formation, they do this while singing. When you say stopped, kids must sit, there must be one kid don’t get chair, then he/she must step aside. Continue with singing and move around, until there are only two kids with one chair. The last kid who get the chair win the game. This can be more easy if you using tape, so you can easily stop the music.

I believe each of you can do more variation, I only share some ideas. Hope these will be helpful.

simple activities really helps in mixing children together...
Now I am just 19...
I used to have tution class...
Erm... I mixed them with different ages...
from standard one to standard three
and standard four to standard six
they can easily mix with each other through games...
and I found that they can also learn faster...
because the elder likes to perform as the best, and the younger can learn from the better...

teaching children needs creativity and open minded...
We need to think from their point of view, just like what we hope for in our childhood...

what's you talk about is a Vygotskian theory, about learning from the one who know more.

Mixed class is a good idea, but if the children are in much numbers, then better to separate the class. Because each age has different developmental stages.
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